03 January 2011

Sequel to The Wall

Title: Sequel to The Wall. (The Adventure?)
Author: SilverInk
Writing: um....story story/ fanfiction
Word Count: 792
Note: This begins right after the end of Lewis's "The Wall". The policeman has just tricked "you" into walking face-first into a hedge and the wall behind it.

The policeman expresses his apologies at having tricked you, and then points down the road and explains that the entrance of the garden labyrinth is only a little ways away from your present location. His paroxysm of laughter has gone without a trace, and he speaks with such candor that you cannot help but trust him. You're in no hurry after all, and you follow his direction. 

But nearly a half hour later of following the hedge, you still encounter no break in the seemingly-endless wall. You have encountered a few more policemen, and each have assured you that the entrance is very close and you will soon stumble upon it.

Finally, after you have been assured by countless guards that the entrance of this labyrinth is just a few paces further, your patience grows thin and you are tempted to backtrack. You don't know how long you've been walking, and you have lost track of time. All thoughts of life besides this stroll seem to have vanished, and you are fixated solely on your journey to find the entrance of this very massive maze. Your legs are heavy and your feet drag with every step you take, but nothing can stop you from completing this quest. There is no end to the hedge or the wall, or the police stationed occasionally; you have come to expect another blue-and-violet uniformed policeman standing guard rigidly. This is your entire world now: This hedge with the wall behind it, and an occasional policeman. You pass sights and attractions on your other side without a glance and steadfastly follow the wall.

There! You spy a bend in the wall and race for it, your body suddenly rejuvenated with energy. The hedge seems to fly past you in a blur and you fly--

--straight into another wall. 

You complain loudly as you clear the leaves off your person and rub your still-bruised nose and find that the hedge has made a right angle and continues onward for another impossible stretch. There is no one in sight to see you pout so you do, stopping your feet and shrieking in frustration as if you were a newborn. You turn back to where you came from and prepare to return the way you came, but a few more moments of consideration makes you realize that the way you came from seems longer than the way you might take. After a long moment in careful consideration, you decide to continue this pointless trek in hopes of discovering something else. Evening has come but the sun's ample rays still shine down, warming you and urging you on. You continue, with the sun's kind beams warming your back.

After another span of time, you are afraid you have made the wrong decision. Then suddenly you see another uniformed person and hurry to inquire where the entrance to the labyrinth is. She looks at you confusedly, and asked what labyrinth you speak of. You point to the hedge and wall at her back and recount the first policeman's words. The policewoman is still bewildered. You are impatient and feel a knot of dread at being tricked again; notwithstanding, you recount your entire walk in what you assumed to be Norm--although on second thought the hedge itself was much too long to be contained solely in the small town--and describe in detail everything you saw since leaving your familiar abode: the trail that led across the Pyni lake over Skral Bridge, the vendors doing battle in the afternoon drought, and your first encounter of the never-ending hedge and wall. 

She stares at you as if you were deranged, and a moment later you are; in a frenzy you describe everything--everything--you saw, detailing the fresh paint on the inn, the cobblestone path that led from its stone doorstep, the pretty pink and green flowers on the banks of the lake, the rolling meadows with lush fields of tall grass, the marble-like texture of the white and gold bridge, the periwinkle hue of the water underneath, the smooth pavement stretching from the foot of the bridge, the many-colored doors on the apartments that lined the road, the hastily-assembled carts laden with merchandise, the vendors' silly hats and badly-tailored aprons, the guard's blue and violet uniform, the guard's nasty trick, and your endless stroll to find the entrance to this labyrinth garden. 

Gasping for breath and exhausted from your catharsis, you stare at her, praying that she recognizes something. To your relief and exhilaration her face lights up with epiphany and understanding. But exhilaration fades to frustration when she bursts out laughing and relief builds to horror when  she explains frankly:

"You're in the labyrinth."

Artist's Note: I know, a lot of posts so far! Hopefully it stays this way throughout the year, eh? hahah. Aside from that, I tried to mimic Lewis's second-person-ism...:D?

Yea. Procrastinating homework and the inevitable battle against Herbert Wiles. It'll get better. >.<


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You certainly have a way with words! Keep up the good work.