24 April 2010

Note from Lewis Spiel

Due to the upcoming exams, I also will not be taking part in the 500 word challenge in the next two weeks. (But unlike Silver Ink, both of my exams are in the first week, so I'll probably be back sooner.)

Please-- if you're interested in contributing to this blog as a guest author, then by all means, do so! --Erm, Silver Ink will post some rules concerning that, sooner or later. :)

Thank you!

MIni-Poll Comment Post (mPCP): Character Profile Project II by Silver Ink

Hi all! Anyways, due to the liking of character background stories (based on the last poll), I will be starting a similar project for another original character of mine. 

Current Offered Options
(name)--(age when background story will be concluded)--(position)
Arliquen Chizan--16--healer
Ette Bennett--15--student
Miranda Syis--24--scientist, professor

Before I post the actual poll, if someone would like another character*, please post a comment on this post (or email inked.silver@gmail.com) specifying the name of the character and the story he or she was from. 

If I feel I have enough about that character to write a background story on, then I will add him or her onto the above list of characters to be offered. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time without warning and that it is in no way a final of what will be on the poll. 

* From one of SilverInk's past entries, not including the collaboration (The Overdue Check). Any character is fine, so long as a name and story origin can be provided. (ie: One could opt for Judith Morgan from the Dawn Eternia project, but not for the orphanage lady from the same project.)

Thanks for the input! It is very much appreciated! :D


Title: Overwhelmed
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Rant 
Word Count: 537

She fell face first in the dirt and did not get up. The sand stained her plain clothes and the wind tangled her short hair and she lay there, silent tears streaming softly down.


Whoever knew it would hit her so strong? Whoever would have guessed, that beneath the arrogant layers, beneath the confident fa├žade, beneath the brave mask, there were deeply rooted fears? Fears that had been carefully folded away, stitched invisibly into the subconscious heart. Fears that she convinced herself she did not have. Fears that now burst forward like a rushing river crashing past a dam, like a waterfall plunging to its doom, like a tsunami that burst from a harmless puddle.


 Her hand clenched into a fist. When did she become this, this person she feared most to be? Was it really all an act? Why couldn’t she now be the person she used to be? Why did everything have to come crashing…now?


And now that she was this…thing…she had so feared, where would she go? Where did the path lead to, and who stood along that path? What must she do to get onto the right path? That is, if there was a right path.


And then the memories. The past that was haunting her, dripping ice into her heart with perverse glee, watching her writhe with fire burning within her mind, trying desperately to keep back the fearsome cold. She wasn’t afraid of the past, but sometimes the aspects of her history that she had worked so hard to keep hidden resurfaced, making present-day connections with remembrances from long ago.

Lachrymal glands gone wild but self all but muted, she scrunched into a ball on the ground and as if clinging to an invisible anchor, she held herself together. Fighting feebly the fiery explosion of feelings that consumed her, she fell, freely fading into the fine fringe of dark gray that blocked out the false reality.

It was over.

The battle had been fought, and lost; at the end there had been a glimmer of something she faintly remembered was called “Hope” or “Faith” or something along those lines, but it was transient. The misery however, was not.

The war was still raging, but she stuck her mind into the course sand she was lying on and pretended it didn’t exist. Tried to. But reality exists within the mind, and what is carved into the mind remains intractably engraved in the mind; thus reminders of failure and present crisis remained immutable ingrained in her conscience, covering any happy graffiti quickly—pride and contentment became as fleeting as an impulse leaping down a myelinated neuron.

Neurons whose sodium and  potassium channels soon became stubbornly fixed in a partially open position; they become defected channels and impassionedly leave the pump to maintain a shifty equilibrium.

But what if the pump too, stops functioning?

Because the impulses keep coming, the war keeps raging. She cringed again, knowing perfectly well that she was in a war, that this war had not ended, that this war could not be lost, that this war would determine her fate.

She crumpled up, both mentally and physically, unable to handle anything when she felt overwhelmed.

Artist's Note: Sorry about the brevity of it...

Another apology: Since AP tests are coming up, this will be MY last post until after the AP tests in a few weeks. After the AP tests, I should have more time to do more about my writing/art and there should, theoretically, be more posts or better quality. Theoretically. 

I will be posting the character profile mini-poll comment post that explains how it's going to run :) Please comment!

23 April 2010

Poll Comment Post (PCP)--RESULTS, upcoming mini- poll

Hello! So basically this post is corresponding to the Poll above. 
Basically, vote for what you would like to see more of or think Lewis or Silver would benefit from writing more. Something along those lines....ish... 

You can pick more than one option (and are encouraged to) 

PLEASE, please, please comment to clarify your choices if you think there may be some vagueness involved (and especially for the "Other" option! D:<

After the Poll:
Hello! Results for the recent poll "What would you like more of?":
(There were a total of 6 votes) 

(5 votes) Short Story
(4 votes) Character Background, Collaboration, Image-Inspired.
(2 votes) Excerpts, Screenplay
(1 vote)   Fanfiction, Other, Uncatagorized. 

However, there was no comment that specified what was meant by the "Other/ Something not yet exemplified"....


As AP tests are coming up, there may or may not be immediate action based on these results.... but you can expect more after AP tests (in about a month....ish...maybe less). :)

Upcoming Poll: Yes, Another Poll. :P Silver's Character Mini-Poll
So since character profiles (background stories) seems pretty popular (ish?) I (SilverInk) was thinking of giving some of my other original characters a similar project. Or, in a twist, putting a few of them together in a short story/excerpt-like entry. (But that will come later...maybe.)

So for a mini-poll, I was deciding among a few people for the background stories (In alphabetical order by first name):
Arliquen Chizan--16--healer
Ette Bennett--15--student
Miranda Syis--24--scientist

And of course, if you'd like, you can vote for someone from any of my (Silver's) stories; just post a comment on the corresponding poll comment post specifying which character (name) and from which story. :) For convenience, please don't request something from a collaboration with another writer. (aka, don't pick Mariah or Adrian). 

(The above poll will be posted shortly after the current one ends; options may be changed =.=')

Again, a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE that voted :D :D

19 April 2010


Title: Smile
Author: Lewis
Writing: short story / (bad) humor
Word Count: 207

"Smiles are your armor," Big brother always said. "They're your friend, and they're your disguise. Use them well, and soon you'll have your enemies eating out of your hands."

"I understand, Brother," he said.

In the following years the little boy was never seen without a bright smile plastered across his face. And Big brother was right! A smile was all he needed. A smile no matter what situation he went through. A few years passed- trials came and passed, and that smile became a little strained. It wrinkled and sagged at the edges, and it eventually lost its power.

"Where did my smile go?" he asked.

Big brother- poor big brother, his hair was so white - shook his head. "You're doing it all wrong. You're not smiling."

"Yes, I am!" he argued. "Look!" The edges of his mouth twitched upwards, then sagged down heavily. His face was fixed in an undeniably unhappy frown. "Why...?"

"It's because you're not smiling from your heart." Big brother was smiling so gently. "If you don't smile from your heart, there is no trustworthiness in your smile, and therefore no power in your grasp. It's the ability to truly smile that ensnares others." he paused.

"I think I've gone off on a tangent."

18 April 2010

Teen Titans Fanfiction

Title: Coming Back
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Fanfiction
Word Count: 707

“Terra!” Beast Boy called, seeing the blonde haired girl sitting on the rocks in front of Titans Tower. “Terra! You came back!”
“Beast Boy- I was looking for you,” she replied, getting up, “I assumed that you were off fighting crime, so I decided to wait here until you got back.”
“Yea, some creepy monster that turns into anything it touches is roaming the city. It keeps getting away though.”
“But anyways, you said you wanted to talk to me- what’s up? Have you finally remembered everything? Are you going to accept that you are Terra?”
She laughed, “Um… I’ll tell you and no and I don’t know.”
Beast Boy’s face screwed up as he tried figure out which answers matched which questions.

“Terra.” A voice said from behind them. “So is it true? Are you back from stone?”
“Huh?” she turned around to see Raven watching her emotionlessly. Soon Starfire and Robin came out, hand in hand.

“Terra! It is most joyous to see that you have revived!”
“Um… hi!”
“She doesn’t remember anything,” Beast Boy said.
“But you’re still Terra?” Robin asked, being dragged forward by the gregarious Starfire.
“… I… suppose… That’s what I came here to discuss anyway.”
Cyborg appeared behind them, a serious smile on his face, “Well, then you might as well come in. We’ll have to do few scans and check things out.”


She sat on the bed in the infirmary, listening to the Beast Boy and Raven recall memories for her. Well, mostly Beast Boy. Raven mainly sat there, meditating, occasionally adding a few things and smiling at a joke.
There’s something wrong with the smile, she thought, scrutinizing the tiny grin.
The other three stood aloof, reading the results of the scans and discussing possibilities. Cyborg was muttering quietly to Robin, a serious look on his face. Robin nodded and interjected sometimes, but mostly just held Star’s hand. The Tamranian was silent for a rare moment , simply listening to the conversation.

“And then you said, ‘it’s never too late’ and went off to stop the volcano,” Beast Boy finished.
“We left a plaque and flowers at your statue,” Raven put in and stepped to the ground from her meditation position, “We tried to revive you, but it didn’t really work. Then the Brotherhood stated being a real pain and we went to Paris to finish them off. The city had changed… a lot by the time we got back and that’s when we found that you weren’t a statue anymore.”

She nodded. A few red petals fell to the floor beside her. A drop of rainwater found its way through the roof of the cave and hit it, causing the edge of the petal to glisten. She felt a few drops of the water trail down her numb arm and hand. Slowly, the life trickled back into her.

“Terra?” Beast Boy asked, waving his hand in front of her face, “What’s up?”
“You just, kind of went… blank for a moment”
“I remembered something, I think.”
“What happened?”
She relayed the quick flashback as Cyborg, Robin and Starfire came over.
Beast Boy and Raven nodded in understanding and looked to Robin for the results.

“She is indeed our friend Terra!” Starfire exclaimed, unable to contain herself.
“Yep. She’s her. The only thing that’s missing are a few memories. … She’s clean forgotten everything to do with us and her powers.”
“I figured that.”
Cyborg gazed down at her quickly, “There are a few missing pieces and a few messed up screws about you, but we’ll fix you up back to the way it was before.”
She nodded half- gratefully and half- uncertainly.
Suddenly, Raven looked up at her, “What’s your name?”
The other 4 Titans looked at the half- demon incredulously. “What do you mean? She’s Terra.”
“When she and Beast Boy were talking, she never mentioned her name; she only asked why he kept calling her Terra,” she muttered in reply, “We need to know what exactly she remembers in order to cure her.”

The girl nodded and moved to sit on a more comfortably.
“As I know, my name is Aquaria, but most call me Ashlyn. All I remember is high school.”

Artist's Note: Right, so this was the first chapter of a fanfiction that I wrote...quite a while ago... in support of a Teen Titan's Season Six. 

It's obvious which pairings I ship.... >.<

Anyways, it's supposed to be set after "Things Change," the last episode of Season Five and last broadcasted episode on Cartoon Network. I wrote a chapter two and started a chapter three, but never got beyond that. 

Hope you like it!

11 April 2010

Sniping Mission

Title: Sniping Mission
Author: SilverInk
Writing: mystery?
Word Count: 558

The cold air chilled my skin as I poked my head around the corner. No one. Glancing back the way I’d come and across the street for anything moving—nothing; the curtains were all drawn, the people within probably dining or engaging in salacious activities—, I reloaded the long rifle in my hand and readied to shoot. The target was on the bottom of the building, sitting innocently enough on a park bench, reading the newspaper.

Or at least that was what he thought everyone else thought he was doing. But the creature obviously didn’t know that at this time after sunset, normal people didn’t sit in a dark park holding an upside- down newspaper.

I peered through the scope of my sniper and observed the park. The figure was peering at a little girl in the same park, gleefully dancing about. Her mother could be seen through the window of a nearby shop, apparently arguing with the merchant. She gave no notice that a dangerous being was planning to murder and eat her daughter.

The mother abruptly realized it was late, or simply grew tired of arguing. She consented to a price, paid, and gathered her purchases. I heard her call out to her daughter and head home. She looked funnily at the person on the bench. He cracked an awkward smile but didn’t speak; she left with a scowl, either at the shopping or at the strange man. They turned the corner and the man stood up and laid the paper on the bench before sliding—he did not walk—after them. The moment the woman and the girl were out of sight around the corner, I let loose a single bullet, aimed precisely at the head.

Dead? I wish.

The body gave a shudder and fell, and a dark violet substance—somewhat like a tangible, liquid ghost—with green-white stripes in random places slipped out of the place where the bullet had been, leaving the body of the man he had possessed unharmed but unconscious on the ground; meanwhile, the ghost-like creature simply moved its slimy-liquid self a little before fading from view.

An elite, I noted. No wonder the others had been so specific about taking out this particular one and leaving the rest of the city unpatrolled. But my job here, so far as the group was concerned, was done; the ground crew would fight and finish the creature. The silencer on my gun had muffled the sound considerably, and besides a little stir and question from the people inside the room I was standing next to, no one noticed. Throwing the strap unto my back, I returned the way I had come—away from the scene of the now violent fighting— and leapt off the high building. As expected, I landed perfectly and quietly.

Even from the other side of the apartment building, I—with my superior senses— could still detect the sounds of quiet panting from the ground crew and s they tackled the villain. A part of me yearned to join the conflict, but I had been strictly directed to not do so. Instead, I angled off and maneuvered my way via jogging and leaping and scaling walls around the nearby area for any of the usual ghostly evils. Strangely enough, there were none. I headed back for base.

 Artist's Note: Really random piece I pulled up early this week. The character (My original character) is supposed to be Exyshixos Zqwiu from a roleplay on Gaia. She usually doesn't have a weapon, instead fighting with her limbs and dark energy, but for this situation I put her with a sniper rifle. 

If anyone's interested, it's a M-14 sniper rifle, with a silencer and long-range scope. (Omigosh, I didn't use a 1903 Springfield like I usually do! O_O)

Anyways, please comment/critique/whatever :D :D I won't be continuing this, I don't think -.- 

EDIT: I was re-reading some of the posts and turns out that Exy actually fights with knives/ tiny throwing dagger-like blade things (sorry I have no idea what they're called) in addition to her limbs and dark energy. And hair, if you count a long braid with a heavy ornament at the end as a weapon. In addition, she's actually going to be getting a sniper rifle in the roleplay as well. ;) =.=' 

06 April 2010

The Overdue Check

Title: The Overdue Check
Authors: Silver Ink and Lewis Spiel
Writing: Unrequited Romance... (?)
Word Count: 843

You probably intended to scrounge up a proper reply when you returned home from your trip, but you never got to it. Maybe you were ready to apologize, but you didn't really mean it. What ever it was you meant to do, what we have here is the result. Don't expect another chance. I gave it to you the moment you left me.

"One more chance! Just one more!"
"I've already invested too much in you. From now on, you're on your own."
She stopped for a moment to draw up a dark hood over her head. "Maybe. " Over her shoulder she tossed a small bag of coins. Let's just see how long it is before you come crawling back.

"I'm sorry, I'd--"
She turned around to face him but kept her face in the shadows. "What is it this time?"
He tried to speak but again she cut him off tacitly. She slid a thousand dollars across the glass table. "More?"
"Mariah...I don't need money..."
She glanced up, piercing amber eyes slicing through him. "Oh?" she snickered amusedly. "Wasn't that what this was about from the beginning?"
He fell silent, momentarily struck by a past memory. "It never was," he insisted. "Believe me, I loved you."
"Don't give me that nonsense. If that were the case, what were you doing with that other woman? Socializing?"

His tone changed and became defensive. "She was a client! Honest!"

"Which proves my earlier point about the money." Mariah laughed scornfully. "Not that it means anything to me. You're just an experiment to me, Adrian. An experiment. And a rather failed one at that." She twirled a strand of pink hair. "I must admit, though-- keeping you around has been rather... interesting."

"Mariah.... you...You said that you'd never leave me. You broke that promise." Adrian pressed on, determined to emerge from the argument as a victor. "Me, dating for money?You're one to talk. Wasn't that man you were seeing the CEO of some bigshot company?"

"You need your eyes checked, pet. I hadn't left the building for a month." Her sly smile was gone, replaced by a firm line of ambivalence. "I have little time for you to waste, Adrian. State what you are here for and begone."

Realizing that he would be unable to gain any ground in his argument, Adrian conceded defeat. "I don't want your money, and I don't want you back, either. Don't misunderstand that. I just wanted to make my stance on what happened clear." The fight seemed to evaporate from his posture as he slumped against the back of his chair. With an awkward- almost ashamed air- he stumbled to his feet, ready to leave the room.

She turned her back to him again, spinning in her lavish seat. She almost breathed a sigh of relief. If he didn't want her, then what would his purpose of coming? Our relationship ended years ago. He better just go away. Him and all those other boys. I've have about enough of them.

Adrian stepped back and closer towards the door. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. You should know that I always have loved--love--you...enough to let you go. Goodbye, Mariah."

He opened the door and the guard escorted him out the structure. Goodbye Adrian, she thought as she watched his small figure walk out of her estate.

Adrian returned to his hotel room feeling a sense of loss, as well as an innate relief after speaking with his ex girlfriend for the last time. When their relationship was at its best, he'd spoken highly and sweetly of his significant other to his gossip-hungry friends and relatives. They were all waiting for him to fall from his temporary high. He was aware of it, but he had no intention of falling. When his relationship finally, inevitably soured, those same friends and relatives gathered him close to their breast as if they thought he hadn't known they'd been waiting for this.

But backstabbing friends were still backstabbing friends. In the years following, they tossed him an offhand comment: (Hey, Adrian-- how's that ex of yours? Weren't you going to marry her? Father and Mother are still ever so disappointed)

Still even worse were the inquiries of his old high school classmates, who wanted him to "pay for what he'd done to Mariah." One of the things that followed him from high school was the common knowledge that he'd been the one to make the first mistake.

But what was the point? They'd both erred. He, in not paying enough attention to her. She, in taking him back. Perhaps it was only his own folly that ruined their relationship beyond repair. He could never apologize enough for what he'd done, and no one would- could- forgive him.

If he tried to claim (like Mariah, was the painful reminder) that the whole affair meant nothing to him in the end, he'd be a liar still.
Finally, tortured by accusation and guilt, he'd turned up on Mariah's doorstep, yearning for forgiveness.

Artists' Notes:

Green text= Lewis 
Purple text= SilverInk

Collaboration piece, as can be inferred by the changing colors. Originally Lewis's idea; I just helped expand it a tiny bit. I have an idea to continue Mariah's story and may or may not post that.
(If you've seen the Beyblade cartoons, yes, I did copy Mariah's name and hair color off of that >.< I don't have any ownership or affiliation to them and I'm not trying to claim any :) )

03 April 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 5

Title: To Begin Anew
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Character Background Story
Word Count: 1199

“You’re going to be meeting an influential figure who claims to have familial ties with you,” Sarah revealed on the weekly walk to the volunteer Center. “Afterwards, you can decide whatever decisions after.”

As Sarah chatted with Judith conversationally, Dawn went into the other room, where Nicholas was waiting patiently, examining a globe.

“Good afternoon, sir,” she said tacitly.

He turned and smiled, “Hello there. Come. Take a seat.”

Dawn did as he said quietly, watching his every move clandestinely. The
  man in the green suit sat down across from her calmly and seeing that she had no inclination to start talking, introduced himself and asked her for her name politely.

“Dawn Eternia, sir. No surname.”

“What about we make a little trade, Dawn; I’ll tell you about my life, and you can tell me about yours.”

She made no reaction to this strange and sudden proposal, except to look up at Mr. AuNevin.

He took it as a signal for him to start, and began to narrate the general line of his life story as succinctly as possible. Beginning at with a quick description of family life, he moved into school businesses and later, the war. He lingered on his current lifestyle, traveling abroad to do research and hone his magic.

As expected, Dawn began her story where he left off, telling him what she knew about how she was found, and about life in the orphanage. She described life on the streets with strange content, and her two years with Mrs. Fellon as if she had lived there her whole life.
There was a quiet moment after all this, and father and daughter sat, contemplating the other’s tale. Nicholas then began a question and answer period, beginning with Dawn wondering how he trained in his younger years.
“I was one of the few mages at my school then, and greatly shunned at first. Judith, the lady outside, was probably my only friend for a while. She was a science and martial arts expert, and while quizzing me on random subjects—usually something to do with science--we would spar.

“Occasionally we would practice with magic, her being at a disadvantage. But after several months, we discovered she had acquired the ability to generate shields. We practiced thus until the war began, then found positions in which we would be useful in the military.”

“And when you returned you were revered as a hero.”

“Correct. And you? How have you trained?”

“Well, the orphanage lady was rather ambivalent about everyone there. There were 20 of us total, and even though we weren’t at all close, we worked out pretty quickly everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and divided up the chores that way; my job was to maintain the gardens and deliver packages or mail So after homework, I would fly around making deliveries, and then practice with the elements in the backyard.

“During my year in the streets I couldn’t practice much but dazzle little children with  simple tricks. But I did improve my aim drastically, as well as my ability to work small.

“Mum was the best. She didn’t know much about magic, but she would bring home books that we would pour over together. I learned a bunch of basics such as fundamental lore, terminology—such as spells versus charms—and energy concepts. I’d practice everyday outside; magic by myself, martial arts with her, because she knew a bit.”


“Mrs. Sarah Fellon; I’ve been staying with her for about two years and I’ve just gotten used to calling her Mum.”

He nodded, understanding, and after another moment, spoke again: “Just curious, how did you get your name?”

“My first words, they said, were Dawn and Eternia. They didn’t know my surname and was then hopeful of finding a parent, so I wasn’t given one… What were you going to name me?” she added quietly.

“Before I left, I asked Deanna—that would be my ex-wife, and your birthmother—to name you Jenevive. She had agreed at the time, but apparently that didn’t go as planned.”

“Why Jenevive?”

“My mother, Jenevive Erin AuNevin. But everyone called her Jean, after her initials. She said she didn’t know her name was really Jenevive Erin until she saw it on her birth certificate when she was 36. So when Deanna and I consulted her for a name, she said, ‘Jenevive. And don’t call her Jean.’ But I’d rather you keep your name.”

Dawn looked relieved and Nicholas laughed, “I can still call you Dean!”

As Judith and Sarah talked over the living arrangements, a social worker slipped in and asked Nicholas and Dawn to fill in the paperwork. Nicholas noted that the an started to write his last name as hers new one.
“My daughter’s name is Dawn Eternia, no surname, sir,” he said, pointing that out. The worker started to protest, but he beckoned Dawn closer and showed him the dog tags and repeated, “No surname.”

The man could only consent and hope that his supervisor would complain later.

Sarah Fellon left for her family overseas at the end of the month, with the promise to return as soon as possible. From the gate, Nicholas and Dawn waved farewell to her and Judith Morgan, who had decided to accompany Sarah—they had become good friends and she needed a vacation anyways.

At the high-rise loft Nicholas had bought, Dawn was educated in academics by a governess, and in magic by Nicholas. They spent many hours of leisure pouring over novels or notes and often, Dawn would attend or assist the lectures at the universities Nicholas spoke at. She was still quiet, but more open, and learned a few social skills she had always before lacked.

A fortnight after their departure, Judith returned, and every so often she would appear for lunch or dinner, or just to watch and entertain Dawn while Nicholas was away. She introduced Dawn to science in depth, and the two delighted themselves in trivia—scientific or otherwise—and other research. She encouraged Dawn to continue her art, and would often either model for her or sketch with her.

When Sarah returned a half-year later, she was surprised by an offer to move into the spare section of their loft, and seeing the advantages, accepted. Somehow, the whole deal worked out smoothly, with no one left feeling indebted to another.

Dawn stayed there for another two years, until the three adults in her life decided that her education would best be continued at a proper school away from the city she’d known all her life. Although sad to leave behind everything else, Dawn consented.

At the airport, Nicholas told her, “All of your expenses at the school have been paid for. Focus on learning, but once you are settled, do seek work. Write often and visit when you can; love you.”

Judith winked and told her simply, “Kick butt. Don’t suck up to anyone, don’t mess with anyone, and don’t accept people for face value. Get to know them first.”

Sarah simply smiled and hugged her and at the last possible moment, whispered:

Have fun with life, and live every possible moment happy.

Artist's Note: COMPLETED! Finally... and as promised, there is a "surprise": [Link] 

I thought this was probably the most horribly-written post in the Dawn Eternia "series/season/thread of posts". But it did put closure to her background story, which...is what it aimed to do! :D...=.= I'm really bothered by the last section, but am pleased with the closing line--that came out better than I envisioned. Everything else...not really.

As for the drawing (the link) I am semi-ok with it. The sketch was/is obviously flawed, but I think  that the painting style I tried for that particular piece came out better than I expected in some areas. 

PLEASE critique/comment/ question/express your opinion about the story (part 5 or any in the Dawn Eternia series) or the picture. All feedback is greatly appreciated ^^ Thank you in advance! :D

@Minsat-- Just in case: the little pieces of metal= the dog tags. >.< <3