18 April 2010

Teen Titans Fanfiction

Title: Coming Back
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Fanfiction
Word Count: 707

“Terra!” Beast Boy called, seeing the blonde haired girl sitting on the rocks in front of Titans Tower. “Terra! You came back!”
“Beast Boy- I was looking for you,” she replied, getting up, “I assumed that you were off fighting crime, so I decided to wait here until you got back.”
“Yea, some creepy monster that turns into anything it touches is roaming the city. It keeps getting away though.”
“But anyways, you said you wanted to talk to me- what’s up? Have you finally remembered everything? Are you going to accept that you are Terra?”
She laughed, “Um… I’ll tell you and no and I don’t know.”
Beast Boy’s face screwed up as he tried figure out which answers matched which questions.

“Terra.” A voice said from behind them. “So is it true? Are you back from stone?”
“Huh?” she turned around to see Raven watching her emotionlessly. Soon Starfire and Robin came out, hand in hand.

“Terra! It is most joyous to see that you have revived!”
“Um… hi!”
“She doesn’t remember anything,” Beast Boy said.
“But you’re still Terra?” Robin asked, being dragged forward by the gregarious Starfire.
“… I… suppose… That’s what I came here to discuss anyway.”
Cyborg appeared behind them, a serious smile on his face, “Well, then you might as well come in. We’ll have to do few scans and check things out.”


She sat on the bed in the infirmary, listening to the Beast Boy and Raven recall memories for her. Well, mostly Beast Boy. Raven mainly sat there, meditating, occasionally adding a few things and smiling at a joke.
There’s something wrong with the smile, she thought, scrutinizing the tiny grin.
The other three stood aloof, reading the results of the scans and discussing possibilities. Cyborg was muttering quietly to Robin, a serious look on his face. Robin nodded and interjected sometimes, but mostly just held Star’s hand. The Tamranian was silent for a rare moment , simply listening to the conversation.

“And then you said, ‘it’s never too late’ and went off to stop the volcano,” Beast Boy finished.
“We left a plaque and flowers at your statue,” Raven put in and stepped to the ground from her meditation position, “We tried to revive you, but it didn’t really work. Then the Brotherhood stated being a real pain and we went to Paris to finish them off. The city had changed… a lot by the time we got back and that’s when we found that you weren’t a statue anymore.”

She nodded. A few red petals fell to the floor beside her. A drop of rainwater found its way through the roof of the cave and hit it, causing the edge of the petal to glisten. She felt a few drops of the water trail down her numb arm and hand. Slowly, the life trickled back into her.

“Terra?” Beast Boy asked, waving his hand in front of her face, “What’s up?”
“You just, kind of went… blank for a moment”
“I remembered something, I think.”
“What happened?”
She relayed the quick flashback as Cyborg, Robin and Starfire came over.
Beast Boy and Raven nodded in understanding and looked to Robin for the results.

“She is indeed our friend Terra!” Starfire exclaimed, unable to contain herself.
“Yep. She’s her. The only thing that’s missing are a few memories. … She’s clean forgotten everything to do with us and her powers.”
“I figured that.”
Cyborg gazed down at her quickly, “There are a few missing pieces and a few messed up screws about you, but we’ll fix you up back to the way it was before.”
She nodded half- gratefully and half- uncertainly.
Suddenly, Raven looked up at her, “What’s your name?”
The other 4 Titans looked at the half- demon incredulously. “What do you mean? She’s Terra.”
“When she and Beast Boy were talking, she never mentioned her name; she only asked why he kept calling her Terra,” she muttered in reply, “We need to know what exactly she remembers in order to cure her.”

The girl nodded and moved to sit on a more comfortably.
“As I know, my name is Aquaria, but most call me Ashlyn. All I remember is high school.”

Artist's Note: Right, so this was the first chapter of a fanfiction that I wrote...quite a while ago... in support of a Teen Titan's Season Six. 

It's obvious which pairings I ship.... >.<

Anyways, it's supposed to be set after "Things Change," the last episode of Season Five and last broadcasted episode on Cartoon Network. I wrote a chapter two and started a chapter three, but never got beyond that. 

Hope you like it!

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