24 April 2010

MIni-Poll Comment Post (mPCP): Character Profile Project II by Silver Ink

Hi all! Anyways, due to the liking of character background stories (based on the last poll), I will be starting a similar project for another original character of mine. 

Current Offered Options
(name)--(age when background story will be concluded)--(position)
Arliquen Chizan--16--healer
Ette Bennett--15--student
Miranda Syis--24--scientist, professor

Before I post the actual poll, if someone would like another character*, please post a comment on this post (or email inked.silver@gmail.com) specifying the name of the character and the story he or she was from. 

If I feel I have enough about that character to write a background story on, then I will add him or her onto the above list of characters to be offered. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time without warning and that it is in no way a final of what will be on the poll. 

* From one of SilverInk's past entries, not including the collaboration (The Overdue Check). Any character is fine, so long as a name and story origin can be provided. (ie: One could opt for Judith Morgan from the Dawn Eternia project, but not for the orphanage lady from the same project.)

Thanks for the input! It is very much appreciated! :D


Minsat said...

though late, I want to say that I think the scientist's background story would be pretty interesting :)

... that's all XD

SilverInk said...

No, not at all late! I haven't posted the actual poll anyways so :p

I'm thinking about how to develop her story...and how to write it format-wise :/

Thank you for commenting! <3