03 April 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 5

Title: To Begin Anew
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Character Background Story
Word Count: 1199

“You’re going to be meeting an influential figure who claims to have familial ties with you,” Sarah revealed on the weekly walk to the volunteer Center. “Afterwards, you can decide whatever decisions after.”

As Sarah chatted with Judith conversationally, Dawn went into the other room, where Nicholas was waiting patiently, examining a globe.

“Good afternoon, sir,” she said tacitly.

He turned and smiled, “Hello there. Come. Take a seat.”

Dawn did as he said quietly, watching his every move clandestinely. The
  man in the green suit sat down across from her calmly and seeing that she had no inclination to start talking, introduced himself and asked her for her name politely.

“Dawn Eternia, sir. No surname.”

“What about we make a little trade, Dawn; I’ll tell you about my life, and you can tell me about yours.”

She made no reaction to this strange and sudden proposal, except to look up at Mr. AuNevin.

He took it as a signal for him to start, and began to narrate the general line of his life story as succinctly as possible. Beginning at with a quick description of family life, he moved into school businesses and later, the war. He lingered on his current lifestyle, traveling abroad to do research and hone his magic.

As expected, Dawn began her story where he left off, telling him what she knew about how she was found, and about life in the orphanage. She described life on the streets with strange content, and her two years with Mrs. Fellon as if she had lived there her whole life.
There was a quiet moment after all this, and father and daughter sat, contemplating the other’s tale. Nicholas then began a question and answer period, beginning with Dawn wondering how he trained in his younger years.
“I was one of the few mages at my school then, and greatly shunned at first. Judith, the lady outside, was probably my only friend for a while. She was a science and martial arts expert, and while quizzing me on random subjects—usually something to do with science--we would spar.

“Occasionally we would practice with magic, her being at a disadvantage. But after several months, we discovered she had acquired the ability to generate shields. We practiced thus until the war began, then found positions in which we would be useful in the military.”

“And when you returned you were revered as a hero.”

“Correct. And you? How have you trained?”

“Well, the orphanage lady was rather ambivalent about everyone there. There were 20 of us total, and even though we weren’t at all close, we worked out pretty quickly everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and divided up the chores that way; my job was to maintain the gardens and deliver packages or mail So after homework, I would fly around making deliveries, and then practice with the elements in the backyard.

“During my year in the streets I couldn’t practice much but dazzle little children with  simple tricks. But I did improve my aim drastically, as well as my ability to work small.

“Mum was the best. She didn’t know much about magic, but she would bring home books that we would pour over together. I learned a bunch of basics such as fundamental lore, terminology—such as spells versus charms—and energy concepts. I’d practice everyday outside; magic by myself, martial arts with her, because she knew a bit.”


“Mrs. Sarah Fellon; I’ve been staying with her for about two years and I’ve just gotten used to calling her Mum.”

He nodded, understanding, and after another moment, spoke again: “Just curious, how did you get your name?”

“My first words, they said, were Dawn and Eternia. They didn’t know my surname and was then hopeful of finding a parent, so I wasn’t given one… What were you going to name me?” she added quietly.

“Before I left, I asked Deanna—that would be my ex-wife, and your birthmother—to name you Jenevive. She had agreed at the time, but apparently that didn’t go as planned.”

“Why Jenevive?”

“My mother, Jenevive Erin AuNevin. But everyone called her Jean, after her initials. She said she didn’t know her name was really Jenevive Erin until she saw it on her birth certificate when she was 36. So when Deanna and I consulted her for a name, she said, ‘Jenevive. And don’t call her Jean.’ But I’d rather you keep your name.”

Dawn looked relieved and Nicholas laughed, “I can still call you Dean!”

As Judith and Sarah talked over the living arrangements, a social worker slipped in and asked Nicholas and Dawn to fill in the paperwork. Nicholas noted that the an started to write his last name as hers new one.
“My daughter’s name is Dawn Eternia, no surname, sir,” he said, pointing that out. The worker started to protest, but he beckoned Dawn closer and showed him the dog tags and repeated, “No surname.”

The man could only consent and hope that his supervisor would complain later.

Sarah Fellon left for her family overseas at the end of the month, with the promise to return as soon as possible. From the gate, Nicholas and Dawn waved farewell to her and Judith Morgan, who had decided to accompany Sarah—they had become good friends and she needed a vacation anyways.

At the high-rise loft Nicholas had bought, Dawn was educated in academics by a governess, and in magic by Nicholas. They spent many hours of leisure pouring over novels or notes and often, Dawn would attend or assist the lectures at the universities Nicholas spoke at. She was still quiet, but more open, and learned a few social skills she had always before lacked.

A fortnight after their departure, Judith returned, and every so often she would appear for lunch or dinner, or just to watch and entertain Dawn while Nicholas was away. She introduced Dawn to science in depth, and the two delighted themselves in trivia—scientific or otherwise—and other research. She encouraged Dawn to continue her art, and would often either model for her or sketch with her.

When Sarah returned a half-year later, she was surprised by an offer to move into the spare section of their loft, and seeing the advantages, accepted. Somehow, the whole deal worked out smoothly, with no one left feeling indebted to another.

Dawn stayed there for another two years, until the three adults in her life decided that her education would best be continued at a proper school away from the city she’d known all her life. Although sad to leave behind everything else, Dawn consented.

At the airport, Nicholas told her, “All of your expenses at the school have been paid for. Focus on learning, but once you are settled, do seek work. Write often and visit when you can; love you.”

Judith winked and told her simply, “Kick butt. Don’t suck up to anyone, don’t mess with anyone, and don’t accept people for face value. Get to know them first.”

Sarah simply smiled and hugged her and at the last possible moment, whispered:

Have fun with life, and live every possible moment happy.

Artist's Note: COMPLETED! Finally... and as promised, there is a "surprise": [Link] 

I thought this was probably the most horribly-written post in the Dawn Eternia "series/season/thread of posts". But it did put closure to her background story, which...is what it aimed to do! :D...=.= I'm really bothered by the last section, but am pleased with the closing line--that came out better than I envisioned. Everything else...not really.

As for the drawing (the link) I am semi-ok with it. The sketch was/is obviously flawed, but I think  that the painting style I tried for that particular piece came out better than I expected in some areas. 

PLEASE critique/comment/ question/express your opinion about the story (part 5 or any in the Dawn Eternia series) or the picture. All feedback is greatly appreciated ^^ Thank you in advance! :D

@Minsat-- Just in case: the little pieces of metal= the dog tags. >.< <3

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