23 April 2010

Poll Comment Post (PCP)--RESULTS, upcoming mini- poll

Hello! So basically this post is corresponding to the Poll above. 
Basically, vote for what you would like to see more of or think Lewis or Silver would benefit from writing more. Something along those lines....ish... 

You can pick more than one option (and are encouraged to) 

PLEASE, please, please comment to clarify your choices if you think there may be some vagueness involved (and especially for the "Other" option! D:<

After the Poll:
Hello! Results for the recent poll "What would you like more of?":
(There were a total of 6 votes) 

(5 votes) Short Story
(4 votes) Character Background, Collaboration, Image-Inspired.
(2 votes) Excerpts, Screenplay
(1 vote)   Fanfiction, Other, Uncatagorized. 

However, there was no comment that specified what was meant by the "Other/ Something not yet exemplified"....


As AP tests are coming up, there may or may not be immediate action based on these results.... but you can expect more after AP tests (in about a month....ish...maybe less). :)

Upcoming Poll: Yes, Another Poll. :P Silver's Character Mini-Poll
So since character profiles (background stories) seems pretty popular (ish?) I (SilverInk) was thinking of giving some of my other original characters a similar project. Or, in a twist, putting a few of them together in a short story/excerpt-like entry. (But that will come later...maybe.)

So for a mini-poll, I was deciding among a few people for the background stories (In alphabetical order by first name):
Arliquen Chizan--16--healer
Ette Bennett--15--student
Miranda Syis--24--scientist

And of course, if you'd like, you can vote for someone from any of my (Silver's) stories; just post a comment on the corresponding poll comment post specifying which character (name) and from which story. :) For convenience, please don't request something from a collaboration with another writer. (aka, don't pick Mariah or Adrian). 

(The above poll will be posted shortly after the current one ends; options may be changed =.=')

Again, a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE that voted :D :D


Minsat said...

Yay, people voted!!! :D

Minerva said...

yep :)

Lewis said...


SilverInk said...

As of Monday, 19 April 2010, 1748, there have been 5 votes.

The Ranking:
1. (4 votes) Short Story
2. (3 votes) Character Background, Collaboration, Image -Inspired.
3. (1 vote) Excerpts, Screenplay

And I didn't know this, but apparently we can change out votes... O.O