11 April 2010

Sniping Mission

Title: Sniping Mission
Author: SilverInk
Writing: mystery?
Word Count: 558

The cold air chilled my skin as I poked my head around the corner. No one. Glancing back the way I’d come and across the street for anything moving—nothing; the curtains were all drawn, the people within probably dining or engaging in salacious activities—, I reloaded the long rifle in my hand and readied to shoot. The target was on the bottom of the building, sitting innocently enough on a park bench, reading the newspaper.

Or at least that was what he thought everyone else thought he was doing. But the creature obviously didn’t know that at this time after sunset, normal people didn’t sit in a dark park holding an upside- down newspaper.

I peered through the scope of my sniper and observed the park. The figure was peering at a little girl in the same park, gleefully dancing about. Her mother could be seen through the window of a nearby shop, apparently arguing with the merchant. She gave no notice that a dangerous being was planning to murder and eat her daughter.

The mother abruptly realized it was late, or simply grew tired of arguing. She consented to a price, paid, and gathered her purchases. I heard her call out to her daughter and head home. She looked funnily at the person on the bench. He cracked an awkward smile but didn’t speak; she left with a scowl, either at the shopping or at the strange man. They turned the corner and the man stood up and laid the paper on the bench before sliding—he did not walk—after them. The moment the woman and the girl were out of sight around the corner, I let loose a single bullet, aimed precisely at the head.

Dead? I wish.

The body gave a shudder and fell, and a dark violet substance—somewhat like a tangible, liquid ghost—with green-white stripes in random places slipped out of the place where the bullet had been, leaving the body of the man he had possessed unharmed but unconscious on the ground; meanwhile, the ghost-like creature simply moved its slimy-liquid self a little before fading from view.

An elite, I noted. No wonder the others had been so specific about taking out this particular one and leaving the rest of the city unpatrolled. But my job here, so far as the group was concerned, was done; the ground crew would fight and finish the creature. The silencer on my gun had muffled the sound considerably, and besides a little stir and question from the people inside the room I was standing next to, no one noticed. Throwing the strap unto my back, I returned the way I had come—away from the scene of the now violent fighting— and leapt off the high building. As expected, I landed perfectly and quietly.

Even from the other side of the apartment building, I—with my superior senses— could still detect the sounds of quiet panting from the ground crew and s they tackled the villain. A part of me yearned to join the conflict, but I had been strictly directed to not do so. Instead, I angled off and maneuvered my way via jogging and leaping and scaling walls around the nearby area for any of the usual ghostly evils. Strangely enough, there were none. I headed back for base.

 Artist's Note: Really random piece I pulled up early this week. The character (My original character) is supposed to be Exyshixos Zqwiu from a roleplay on Gaia. She usually doesn't have a weapon, instead fighting with her limbs and dark energy, but for this situation I put her with a sniper rifle. 

If anyone's interested, it's a M-14 sniper rifle, with a silencer and long-range scope. (Omigosh, I didn't use a 1903 Springfield like I usually do! O_O)

Anyways, please comment/critique/whatever :D :D I won't be continuing this, I don't think -.- 

EDIT: I was re-reading some of the posts and turns out that Exy actually fights with knives/ tiny throwing dagger-like blade things (sorry I have no idea what they're called) in addition to her limbs and dark energy. And hair, if you count a long braid with a heavy ornament at the end as a weapon. In addition, she's actually going to be getting a sniper rifle in the roleplay as well. ;) =.=' 

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