29 March 2010

Untitled II

Author: Lewis
Writing: Recycled prologue
Word Count: 83

Though the revolution had swept millions of people off the face of the earth, survivors of the battle acted as if the ordeal had not occurred at all. Identities of war heroes once celebrated were forgotten and towering cities became nothing more than expanses of grassland; families neglected to wonder why they lacked mothers, fathers, or entire generations of children.
For the few who had their memories- or, in their views, their sanity- intact, the world seemed just a tad emptier than usual.

27 March 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 4

Title: Father
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Character background story
Word Count: 803

Two years after Dawn came to stay with Sarah Fellon, the latter received a message from her family overseas, calling her home for an emergency. Originally, she planned for Dawn to travel with her, but by chance, another person stepped into the scene.

A respected elementalist, scientist, doctor, and veteran arrived in their city; since the war had ended and he received his degrees, he had been traveling about, researching and speaking; he was called Nicholas Wilhelm AuNevin.

When he returned four years ago, his excitement to return to the city lay mostly in the reason that his wife had settled there to have their baby. To his horror though, the woman had attempted to drown the child, and then left it on it’s first birthday at a nearby beach.

“You never gave her any of the letters I wrote or the presents I sent.”

“HA! I sold the gifts, and burned the letters. Pointless of you to waste ink on her.” She sighed dramatically. “I just loathe you mage types,” she declared.

“Then why did you marry me?”

“You were the popular kid. I had nowhere and no one. So obviously I would go out with you when you asked. I just needed the money, really.”

He nodded and pursed his lips. “You can draw up the divorce papers then. I’ll give you a good amount to help you start anew. You can keep the house and all your belongings. One question: Where is the child?”

“It’s a wrench,” she laughed, her long, curly, red hair falling about her. “A mage. A witch!”

“Where’s my daughter?”

“The orphanage? There was a report the day after I left her about her being sent to the orphanage. I guess she’s still there. Who cares?”

Nicholas picked up his luggage and nodded. “Goodbye, Deanna. I will send you a copy of the documents when the deal is done.”

After a fruitless search, he left the city. A month from the date Sarah Fellon planned to leave, he returned, this time because his friend, a local geneticist and honorary police official, had called him with important news. Nicholas had immediately packed his belongings and arranged to conduct his research there and lecture part-time at a university.

“Judith, it’s been too long. How have you been?”

“Pretty fine, I suppose,” Judith Morgan stood up and walked around her desk to greet Nicholas. Clipping her short, dark, blue hair—the same color as Nicholas’s—back in place, she said dutifully, “I’m out in an hour. Think you can wait that long?”

“Of course,” he took a seat on a chair next to the table.

Exactly an hour later, Judith shut her computer, shelved all the books and notes and left her office. The two of them trekked down the stairs—a strange experience because Deanna had always insisted on using the elevator—and to the underground parking structure. He stored his luggage in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. “You had info?”

“It’s at my flat. I’ll brief you on it while we eat though. I’m sure you’re hungry after that flight and fight.”

“The old café?”

Judith grinned mischievously as she sped through the near-empty roads.

In their old spot in the old café, Judith explained that years back a girl around a year old had been abandoned by her mother there. The case had been closed rather unexpectedly by the police, but about a year or two ago, Judith had dug it back up for some leisure contemplation. There was minimal information available, so she had undergo efforts to uncover all that was possible.

Back at her simple of reasonably furnished flat, Jutdith presented Nicholas with a small file. “My point: I think I’ve found your daughter.”

The orphanage revealed quickly enough that the girl in question had run off one day. But their searches in the city proved more fruitful—a few regulars on Dawn’s favored corner remembered the violet-haired girl that used to do commissions for a living. A small bakery remembered having her paint outside their shop on hot days. A large company remembered buying pre-painted pieces with painting supplies and food. The same company remembered having her move her funny business inside their lobby on days of bad weather. But none of them knew where she was now.

The breakthrough came when Nicholas visited the “Civic Duty Center,” a building similar to town hall that organized all the charities and citizen-volunteer sponsored public works and programs. A managing official described that a girl with purple hair—her features had radically changed since her last photo when she was 10—came every weekend to volunteer, with the lady she was living with. Nicholas was able to contact Sarah, and from there, convinced her to let him talk to Dawn.

Artist's Note: >.< Sorry, I lied. There will be 5 parts >.< I actually wasn't going to write this part, especially since it's not really about Dawn. But it does have something to do with her ^.^ So the "surprise" will also be next week, or whenever I post the fifth part.

@Minsat-- The two little pieces of metal will be more clearly identified in part 5, if you want to guess then ^_^ Sorry for the unclarity =.= Thank you for commenting! :D <3

22 March 2010

Soap Opera

,Title: High School Soap Opera
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Script
Word count: 815

Saria Evans
Terry Eustace
Darren Hart
Jessica Marley (friend of Saria)
Guy Hugh (friend of Darren)
Bill Myers (friend of Darren)

After school in front of the school. Saria is waiting outside, sitting on a lonely bench, waiting for Terry, who has been delayed. Darren’s class is let out early, like Saria’s. There is a few couples to the side talking among themselves. Darren is on the back- right of the stage (from the audience's POV) and Saria on the front-left. She appears to be fiddling with her books. Every so often she looks up and around, smiling shyly.

Darren: [has resolved to confess his love to Saria] [To himself] Oh dear me. How do I do this? [fiddles with the few flowers in his hands] I still have a few minutes left...
Saria: [sighs, smiles and glances her watch]
Darren: [sotto voce] Do I just tell her and run? In that case, I ought to wait until just before the bell. Or do I stay for a reaction? In that case I have to move now, before the rest of the school comes. I don't want an audience if I can help it....[clearly nervous] oh dear.....

The small crowd laughs loudly and a few step back, slapping their hands on their thighs.

Darren: [checks watch] Now?
Saria: [glances to the group, wondering what is with them]
Darren: [sotto voce] oh gosh. Why can’t I do this? I mean, I can do any calculus problem without a hesitant thought, but this! Just ridiculous!

The bell rings and after a moment, people come pouring out of the classrooms. Most pass and then quickly get rides or walk off to either side. A second group has formed on the front-right.

Darren: Oh shucks!

Enter Bill Myers and Jessica Marley from classroom on the top-left.

Bill: [in an accent] [Pretends to kiss Jessica’s hand] Until next time, Ms. Marley.
Jessica: [mimicking accent] Good day, Mr. Myers. I hope to see you next class.
Bill: [winks] count on it, m’dear. [walks across stage to where Darren is still staring at Saria.] Hey man, what’s up? Still pining after that Evans girl, eh? Did you see Guy?
Guy: [sneaks up behind them and hoods the two] HAHAHA. I got you good, didn’t I? Guy Hugh is back! Hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Jessica: [sees Saria and walks down next to her] Hey.
Saria: oh hi! How was class?
Jessica:  Same awesomeness. I love the play. You know Bill Myers? In the play, he’s courting me, and he’s just sooooo funny. [continues to talk about Bill, and Saria listens quietly]

Darren: Oh. Hi.
Guy: Is that how you greet a star?
Bill: [laughs] Leave him be, Guy. Poor lad is lovesick. [sighs dramatically and fakes a sob] Isn’t it sweet? Our little Darrie…why, he’s in love! [swoon, more make sobs]
Guy:  I still don’t get why you like her.
Darren:  [is not listening] [Sigh]
Guy: [rolls eyes]
Bill:  [laughs] Come on Guy. Let’s et to the library. I still need you to help me on math homework.
Guy: [scratches head] You mean addition? Bye Darren.
Bill: [rolls eyes and smacks Guy’s head] I meant Trig. See you later, Darren. Tell me how it goes.
Exit Bill and Guy, to right.

Jessica: And he’s…oh! That’s my ride. Call me, ok?
Saria: Sure. Bye! [sotto voce] Where is he?

Darren: Well, it’s now or never. [approaches Saria] um… hi…
Saria: oh hi! Waiting for your ride?
Darren: erm…
Saria: oh! that’s right. You walk home. Silly me. Anyways, I suppose you’re off? Who are the flowers for?
Darren: oh um, uh…yea…[extremely fast] Anyways, um, these are for you, I love you, and um. Bye! [shoves flowers at Saria and exits stage left, running]
Saria: um…bye? What did he just say? Who were they for again? Am I supposed to deliver them to someone for him?
Terry: [comes out of school. Almost everyone is gone.] Saria!
Saria: [leaps up and embraces him] Terry! Hello!
Terry: Are you ready to go?
Saria: Yes, just a moment. You know Darren Hart? He gave me these flowers, and I think I’m supposed to pass them on to someone. Do you have any clue who?
Terry: I have no clue who he fancies. I hardly know him. [sotto voce] Actually, I’ve heard he likes Saria, but I shan’t tell her that now. Just rumors, anyway. [clearly] In any case, why don’t you just put them in water and ask him tomorrow?
Saria: Good idea. I’m just afraid they’ll wilt in this heat. [Shades eyes] Are you sure you want to walk me home?
Terry: of course, dearheart. Now let’s go. I have to be back home in an hour because I’m tutoring someone for calc.
Saria: [picks her stuff up and strolls off laughing] Ever the gentleman, aren’t you?
Terry: [chuckles and exits with Saria]

 Artist's Note: This was a random concept--not so random to some people--that I decided to write on for fun. Please critique/comment! 

19 March 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 3

Title: A Family to Call Home
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Character Background Story 
Word Count: 985

About a year after her escape, she saw a pretty little garden with a few roses poking innocently out and was struck by the scene so, that she sat down and tried to capture the moment immediately. The lady of the house noticed this, and after about half an hour, came to investigate.

Understanding the awkwardness of the situation, Dawn apologized profusely and explained truthfully her own situation and reason for painting the garden. Touched, the lady invited her in for a drink.

“My name is Sarah Fellen, what’s yours, sweetie?” the lady called, pouring tea for two.

“Dawn Eternia, mam’. No surname.”

“Is that so? Strange indeed…” she set the tea out and welcomed Dawn sit across from the pretty kitchen table from her. “Why is that?”

“My mother abandoned me when I was young because I wouldn’t die when she tried to drown me,” she paused. Here was where the listener usually turned off, horrified that they were in the presence of someone so vile their own mother would be tempted to kill them. But Sarah simply sipped her tea and nodded for Dawn to continue. She did.

“The police found me and named me after the first two words I said. They left room for a surname so that when they found my parents, no adjustments would be needed. When I understood, I decided against ever taking one, for reasons I can’t recall.”

At Sarah’s tacit urging, she continued to summarize her life in the next half hour. When she was finished with the story and several cups of tea, Sarah stood and beckoned her to the living room.

She pointed at a monotone photo of a young couple on a bridge somewhere in the middle of a wall timeline of photos. “I was married 21 years ago to my college sweetheart, Timothy Fellen. ”

Her finger moved along the wall, a few photos down, to color shot of Mr. Fellen, in navy garb. “He joined the military a few years ago, and was killed in action a year ago, this very day.”

“I’m sorry,” Dawn whispered.

“Don’t be,” she said, smiling sadly, “I am paid a small monthly compensation, but I started working at my friend’s bakery so I can exist without it.”

She strolled across the room to extract a neat stack of letters from a drawer. “See here, how he ended all his letters.”

…As always, I wish you the best. If I don’t write within a week, it means I’m MIA, if I don’t write within a fortnight, it means I’m already with you. Have fun with life, and live every possible moment happy.

She fanned a few of the pages out to show that they all ended the same way.
So sweet yet sad…Dawn thought, reading the same words again and again. But that is love, isn’t it, the real, true kind? He doesn’t have to be with her, so long as she’s happy, he’s happy….

“This is the first one he sent me when he was sent overseas:” Sarah was saying. She selected one of the letters and laid the others on the table. Again, she didn’t read it aloud, but let Dawn read it herself.

…At my funeral, I want you to wear the pink dress we agreed looked like your prom dress. Or whatever. Just don’t wear mourning colors: no black, no white. You can plant the rest of the icebergs though, (white rose, whatever you want to call it) but not near my trees. I mean to say, don’t mourn me. Ever. It’d make me sad to be dead, and my ghostly self wouldn’t be able to feast in peace.
As always, I wish you the best. If I don’t write within a week, it means I’m MIA, if I don’t write within a fortnight, it means I’m already with you. Have fun with life, and live every possible moment happy.

Night had fallen as the two were conversing about their lives. Sarah invited Dawn to stay for the night, and offered her the room that—when the couple had bought the house—had been designed for the child that never came.
Hesitantly, Dawn stayed for the night.

The next day, Sarah prepared a simple breakfast—nothing grand—but to Dawn, who had at most seen a glass of milk or a bowl of cold porridge for breakfast, the cereal and milk were as if an important guest were coming.

“I was wondering, Dawn, if you would care to stay? I mean, if you don’t have anywhere, you could always live here.”

After a moment of surprise and thought, Dawn replied, “Thank you, Mrs. Fellon, but are you sure? I mean…”


Dawn nodded.

“I have a good amount saved in the bank, and my wages decently cover the bills and necessities each month. I’m afraid the nearest school is quite a while away though, and I just sold the car. I used to be a teacher though, so I could homeschool you a little.”

Another moment of silence passed and Dawn nodded slowly, quietly promising herself that she would continue to do commissions and sell artwork to earn her part. “If it isn’t too much trouble, that is.”

“It isn’t,” Sarah assured her. “I just have one small request, something Timothy would have asked…”

Two small pieces of metal arrived in the mail later, complete with a chain and little silencers. From that day forward, she kept them on.

In addition to drawing commissions for the neighbors and people around the neighborhood—who were distant, but not foreign anymore—Dawn received daily lessons in writing, science, history, and mathematics. At night, she helped Sarah in the kitchen and with the cleaning.

In the two years Dawn stayed with Sarah Fellon, Dawn Eternia learned the Fellon’s past and for the first time, felt like she belonged somewhere.

Artist's Note: As I warned, I was unable to post this last week =.= But to make up for it, I have a short something else that I might post. May or may not be 500 words, I haven't checked yet >.< Anyways, part 4, the final installment will be out by next week, along with a special surprise. o.0 
For now, please comment, critique, rant, question, criticize anything about anything on the site thus far :D Thanks!

12 March 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 2

Title: Street Life
Author: Silver Ink
Writing: Character Background story
Word Count: 503

She was named Dawn Eternia after the first words she said, and registered in the local orphanage as such. They gave her no last name, and stored her file away for detectives to ponder; if they found a parent, they could give her a surname then. Her birthday was written down as the day she was found, and they guessed her to be a year old. The mundane paperwork was left unofficial, for police were hopeful of finding a parent.

The poor orphanage lady was ambivalent to her existence and unmoved even when it was discovered the girl was skilled in the martial arts and possessed elemental magic. Her decade of loneliness had impacted her greatly, and although it make her an academically proficient student, it locked her in a cage of shy silence. It gave her the leisure time necessary to discover the wings she could generate from the black pearl, but it deprived her of the social fundamentals that would be used once she got anywhere.
Dawn couldn’t care either way. She lived ten years in the miserable place, and on her 11th birthday, escaped.

But where to go? At first, she wandered the streets, unwilling to go back to the lonely home. She toured the cities and the rural outskirts, and occasionally ventured into the suburbs. She was at home more so out with the elements than she was locked in a dusty room with 19 others. Sleeping on a hammock slung between two park trees, she acquired a better night’s rest than she had ever at the orphanage. Outside, there were no blank walls, which she so detested. They reflected the barren solitude of a world without art and the urge to doodle over the blank walls irritated her greatly. Here though, there was the ceaseless rushing of cars, showing the need for speed that blocked out all desire for communication. She grew annoyed with them as well.

Work and nourishment were another problem. Meals at the orphanage were sparse and grim, but in this new world, there was no free meal and every snack was a hard-earned struggle. Utilizing her drawing and painting skills, Dawn drew simple commissions on a silent city corner for snacks, clothes, painting materials and money. They food she would consume, the extra cloths she donned in winter and sold in summer, and the paints kept her tiny street- business alive. When business in the city grew thin, she moved to the beach, to outside small cafes and inside the lobbies of big companies, to the suburban sidewalks, going door to door. Her tone was always respectful, thankful, and reticently content, and she earned a meager living honestly.

But life must not be perpetually so, and as a young girl she ought to have been in school. A few of the suburban families noted this, and a few reported a stray preteen wandering the area. She learned to avoid those neighborhoods and journeyed to new ones for fresh sights to paint and later sell. 

Hi! So that was part two, pretty unimpressive in my opinion...to make up for it, I'll try to finish up part three. But if you know me...I'm not really good at keeping internet promises >.< Please comment!

Untitled I

Title: [none]
Author: Lewis
Writing: scrap
Word Count: 94

Save me save me i'm dying weak cold sad suicidal broken burning freezing sinking crazy psycho gone gone gone.

But I'm also a liar.

You won’t find me if you look for me, because I don’t want you to. But I still need you. So stay there.

I’m fine, and I don’t need you at all. Why are you here? Go away, you’re bothering me. So go back to your perfect life that you still have so much to complain about- and appreciate what you still have.

But someone, anyone. Are you still there?

Just as a reminder, the person who's speaking in this writing isn't me. Thanks for reading!

06 March 2010

Ill-equipped in the face of gratitude

Title: Ill-equipped in the face of gratitude
Author: Lewis
Writing: Scrap
Word Count: 211

While it was true that he only craved the simplest of things, this easily-satisfied quality of his only troubled the others.
"There must be something you want," they'd say, almost desperate. More than desperate. "Anything, we'll give you anything. Please."
But he simply shrugged and told them that he didn't need any payment. Still, he endured months fervent gratitude from the village chief's family- despite his attempts to dispel their good opinion of him- and could only conclude that Pan was playing a trick on him again for bullying the forest animals the previous year.
Confused with his situation, he turned to his sister for advice (as all little brothers should and will do).
Thankfully, she didn't agree with the villagers, and her lack of respectful speech was slightly refreshing. "You idiot. You might think you're doing them some sort of great thing when you tell them not to reward you-- you arrogant dolt-!"
"What? I don't get why they're so upset about this anyway. All I did was save one kid."
"-who was, by the way, the beloved son of their chief. Your ignorance stumps me sometimes, you know? You should at least know the consequences!"
"That doesn't explain why they seem so upset when I've done them a favor..."

Artist's Note: ugh, I didn't like what I wrote at all... And the word count is short, so I'll be making up for it. I just took the first thing I thought of and ran with it for a couple of inches.

Dawn Eternia Background part 1

Title: Abandoned at the Beach
Author: Silver Ink
Writing: Character background story
Word Count: 795

Sunset. The sky colored itself with dark purples and blues and reds going up in flames above the water, reflected on the soft earth of the beach. It was a summer night, the 28th of August, and so many people were dancing merrily around campfires, laughing and joking around. There were also many people leaving the scene, chattering quietly, exhausted but cheery smiles still brightening their faces.

But on the shoreline, a little figure still played near the water, drawing pictures in the wet sand and watching it confusedly when the tide came in and washed the abstract scribbles out to sea. Said small creature would chase the wave a little ways, her hands outstretched as if she could reclaim her drawing. Each time she would fall lightly and touch the water, wondering why it wouldn’t return her artwork. Gradually, she understood it as a game.

The little stick rushed this way and that on the sand, completing a strange symbol each time before the water swept it away. A bird. A triangle. A string. A droplet. A cloud. A tree. And when she started to shiver a little, a confusing scribble that meant fire. She would draw these confusing little designs and smile with delight every time the water washed it away. The ocean was accepting her gift!

But once, the sea did not wash away the image. The circle in the sand remained, dim in the last splatters of light. The water swooshed up and returned, but this time it left something, a shiny golden trinket, with a queer red jewel on it. She picked it up and turned to the ocean, which retreated in the dark night. With a few funny sounds, she tried to express her thanks to her partner in the game, and then made her way back to the place where a small blanket had been left. She put the necklace next to it and crawled under the blanket before turning back to stare at the water, half sad the game was over.

Time passed. The partygoers eventually left, driving away without notice of the abandoned baby on the beach. Tired from her day, the last occupant of the beach slept for a while.

Rustling nearby awoke her. Light from a lantern startled her, as did the elderly man holding it. He had his hand on the golden necklace, when he noticed the person he was stealing from was awake. Guilt consumed him. He was an honest fisherman, a simpleton. Putting her tiny hand on his, the little girl looked up confusedly at him.

From a pocket, the man pulled a small black sphere and offered it to her. “A black pearl,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry for trying to steal from you—could we trade?”

He motioned with his hands and spoke slowly. The girl, although not understanding, took the object offered her and decided she liked it. But it was the old man’s. She held it back out to return it to him. He pushed it towards her again. Understanding that he thought she should keep it, she held it tightly in her tiny left hand and stumbled to express thanks. She had learned from her game with the water that since she had been given something, it was now time to give something back. Thus she picked up the necklace and put it into his hands and smiled warmly.

He too smiled sadly and voiced the thoughts of both. “Trade.” A ruby on a golden chain for a black pearl. Then, seeing nothing else he could do—he couldn’t very easily ask where her folks were--, he rose and left, intending to stop by the local police station to report the strange incident. But of course, he never intended to reclaim the little pearl.

A few hours later, a few officers found her on the beach, cuddled under the blanket, clutching the pearl in her hands, sleeping on the bag. Without waking her, they carried her back to the station.

A letter, it turned out, was to be found tucked under the blanket as well. In lucid type it read:

To Whom It May Concern:
She who carries this message has been intentionally abandoned. Her mother has tried unsuccessfully to drown her multiple times and now leaves her to the hands of Destiny.

Musing over the meaning quietly, the police continued to inspect the part of the blanket not being held tightly by the girl.

 “Dawn.”  Shocked, the officers present looked first to the speaker, the mysterious girl, and then to where her tiny finger was pointing, out the window at the sunrise. “Dawn,” she repeated, looking to make sure everyone was watching. She pointed then to herself. “Et—er--nee-a a-lye-ve”

“Eternally Alive.”

 Artist's Note: Truly a freewrite, with no editing yet XP. Its basically part 1 of [however many; I'm estimating three] of the background story/ history for my original character Dawn Eternia. I'm using her in a roleplay on Gaia. I have a drawing scanned, but have yet to paint it--maybe by the end of this weekend? =.=--but will post it here or on my blog, Inked Silver on Black Paper when I do finish it. Suggestions, critiques, comments, speculations, [whatever] welcome! Next time-- Dawn escapes from the orphanage and wanders the streets.