22 March 2010

Soap Opera

,Title: High School Soap Opera
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Script
Word count: 815

Saria Evans
Terry Eustace
Darren Hart
Jessica Marley (friend of Saria)
Guy Hugh (friend of Darren)
Bill Myers (friend of Darren)

After school in front of the school. Saria is waiting outside, sitting on a lonely bench, waiting for Terry, who has been delayed. Darren’s class is let out early, like Saria’s. There is a few couples to the side talking among themselves. Darren is on the back- right of the stage (from the audience's POV) and Saria on the front-left. She appears to be fiddling with her books. Every so often she looks up and around, smiling shyly.

Darren: [has resolved to confess his love to Saria] [To himself] Oh dear me. How do I do this? [fiddles with the few flowers in his hands] I still have a few minutes left...
Saria: [sighs, smiles and glances her watch]
Darren: [sotto voce] Do I just tell her and run? In that case, I ought to wait until just before the bell. Or do I stay for a reaction? In that case I have to move now, before the rest of the school comes. I don't want an audience if I can help it....[clearly nervous] oh dear.....

The small crowd laughs loudly and a few step back, slapping their hands on their thighs.

Darren: [checks watch] Now?
Saria: [glances to the group, wondering what is with them]
Darren: [sotto voce] oh gosh. Why can’t I do this? I mean, I can do any calculus problem without a hesitant thought, but this! Just ridiculous!

The bell rings and after a moment, people come pouring out of the classrooms. Most pass and then quickly get rides or walk off to either side. A second group has formed on the front-right.

Darren: Oh shucks!

Enter Bill Myers and Jessica Marley from classroom on the top-left.

Bill: [in an accent] [Pretends to kiss Jessica’s hand] Until next time, Ms. Marley.
Jessica: [mimicking accent] Good day, Mr. Myers. I hope to see you next class.
Bill: [winks] count on it, m’dear. [walks across stage to where Darren is still staring at Saria.] Hey man, what’s up? Still pining after that Evans girl, eh? Did you see Guy?
Guy: [sneaks up behind them and hoods the two] HAHAHA. I got you good, didn’t I? Guy Hugh is back! Hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Jessica: [sees Saria and walks down next to her] Hey.
Saria: oh hi! How was class?
Jessica:  Same awesomeness. I love the play. You know Bill Myers? In the play, he’s courting me, and he’s just sooooo funny. [continues to talk about Bill, and Saria listens quietly]

Darren: Oh. Hi.
Guy: Is that how you greet a star?
Bill: [laughs] Leave him be, Guy. Poor lad is lovesick. [sighs dramatically and fakes a sob] Isn’t it sweet? Our little Darrie…why, he’s in love! [swoon, more make sobs]
Guy:  I still don’t get why you like her.
Darren:  [is not listening] [Sigh]
Guy: [rolls eyes]
Bill:  [laughs] Come on Guy. Let’s et to the library. I still need you to help me on math homework.
Guy: [scratches head] You mean addition? Bye Darren.
Bill: [rolls eyes and smacks Guy’s head] I meant Trig. See you later, Darren. Tell me how it goes.
Exit Bill and Guy, to right.

Jessica: And he’s…oh! That’s my ride. Call me, ok?
Saria: Sure. Bye! [sotto voce] Where is he?

Darren: Well, it’s now or never. [approaches Saria] um… hi…
Saria: oh hi! Waiting for your ride?
Darren: erm…
Saria: oh! that’s right. You walk home. Silly me. Anyways, I suppose you’re off? Who are the flowers for?
Darren: oh um, uh…yea…[extremely fast] Anyways, um, these are for you, I love you, and um. Bye! [shoves flowers at Saria and exits stage left, running]
Saria: um…bye? What did he just say? Who were they for again? Am I supposed to deliver them to someone for him?
Terry: [comes out of school. Almost everyone is gone.] Saria!
Saria: [leaps up and embraces him] Terry! Hello!
Terry: Are you ready to go?
Saria: Yes, just a moment. You know Darren Hart? He gave me these flowers, and I think I’m supposed to pass them on to someone. Do you have any clue who?
Terry: I have no clue who he fancies. I hardly know him. [sotto voce] Actually, I’ve heard he likes Saria, but I shan’t tell her that now. Just rumors, anyway. [clearly] In any case, why don’t you just put them in water and ask him tomorrow?
Saria: Good idea. I’m just afraid they’ll wilt in this heat. [Shades eyes] Are you sure you want to walk me home?
Terry: of course, dearheart. Now let’s go. I have to be back home in an hour because I’m tutoring someone for calc.
Saria: [picks her stuff up and strolls off laughing] Ever the gentleman, aren’t you?
Terry: [chuckles and exits with Saria]

 Artist's Note: This was a random concept--not so random to some people--that I decided to write on for fun. Please critique/comment! 

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