06 March 2010

Ill-equipped in the face of gratitude

Title: Ill-equipped in the face of gratitude
Author: Lewis
Writing: Scrap
Word Count: 211

While it was true that he only craved the simplest of things, this easily-satisfied quality of his only troubled the others.
"There must be something you want," they'd say, almost desperate. More than desperate. "Anything, we'll give you anything. Please."
But he simply shrugged and told them that he didn't need any payment. Still, he endured months fervent gratitude from the village chief's family- despite his attempts to dispel their good opinion of him- and could only conclude that Pan was playing a trick on him again for bullying the forest animals the previous year.
Confused with his situation, he turned to his sister for advice (as all little brothers should and will do).
Thankfully, she didn't agree with the villagers, and her lack of respectful speech was slightly refreshing. "You idiot. You might think you're doing them some sort of great thing when you tell them not to reward you-- you arrogant dolt-!"
"What? I don't get why they're so upset about this anyway. All I did was save one kid."
"-who was, by the way, the beloved son of their chief. Your ignorance stumps me sometimes, you know? You should at least know the consequences!"
"That doesn't explain why they seem so upset when I've done them a favor..."

Artist's Note: ugh, I didn't like what I wrote at all... And the word count is short, so I'll be making up for it. I just took the first thing I thought of and ran with it for a couple of inches.

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Minerva said...

I like it! It could easily be expanded, with more detail--like, how exactly did he save the chief's son?