12 March 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 2

Title: Street Life
Author: Silver Ink
Writing: Character Background story
Word Count: 503

She was named Dawn Eternia after the first words she said, and registered in the local orphanage as such. They gave her no last name, and stored her file away for detectives to ponder; if they found a parent, they could give her a surname then. Her birthday was written down as the day she was found, and they guessed her to be a year old. The mundane paperwork was left unofficial, for police were hopeful of finding a parent.

The poor orphanage lady was ambivalent to her existence and unmoved even when it was discovered the girl was skilled in the martial arts and possessed elemental magic. Her decade of loneliness had impacted her greatly, and although it make her an academically proficient student, it locked her in a cage of shy silence. It gave her the leisure time necessary to discover the wings she could generate from the black pearl, but it deprived her of the social fundamentals that would be used once she got anywhere.
Dawn couldn’t care either way. She lived ten years in the miserable place, and on her 11th birthday, escaped.

But where to go? At first, she wandered the streets, unwilling to go back to the lonely home. She toured the cities and the rural outskirts, and occasionally ventured into the suburbs. She was at home more so out with the elements than she was locked in a dusty room with 19 others. Sleeping on a hammock slung between two park trees, she acquired a better night’s rest than she had ever at the orphanage. Outside, there were no blank walls, which she so detested. They reflected the barren solitude of a world without art and the urge to doodle over the blank walls irritated her greatly. Here though, there was the ceaseless rushing of cars, showing the need for speed that blocked out all desire for communication. She grew annoyed with them as well.

Work and nourishment were another problem. Meals at the orphanage were sparse and grim, but in this new world, there was no free meal and every snack was a hard-earned struggle. Utilizing her drawing and painting skills, Dawn drew simple commissions on a silent city corner for snacks, clothes, painting materials and money. They food she would consume, the extra cloths she donned in winter and sold in summer, and the paints kept her tiny street- business alive. When business in the city grew thin, she moved to the beach, to outside small cafes and inside the lobbies of big companies, to the suburban sidewalks, going door to door. Her tone was always respectful, thankful, and reticently content, and she earned a meager living honestly.

But life must not be perpetually so, and as a young girl she ought to have been in school. A few of the suburban families noted this, and a few reported a stray preteen wandering the area. She learned to avoid those neighborhoods and journeyed to new ones for fresh sights to paint and later sell. 

Hi! So that was part two, pretty unimpressive in my opinion...to make up for it, I'll try to finish up part three. But if you know me...I'm not really good at keeping internet promises >.< Please comment!

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