29 March 2010

Untitled II

Author: Lewis
Writing: Recycled prologue
Word Count: 83

Though the revolution had swept millions of people off the face of the earth, survivors of the battle acted as if the ordeal had not occurred at all. Identities of war heroes once celebrated were forgotten and towering cities became nothing more than expanses of grassland; families neglected to wonder why they lacked mothers, fathers, or entire generations of children.
For the few who had their memories- or, in their views, their sanity- intact, the world seemed just a tad emptier than usual.

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Minsat said...

I've been looking at some of your and Silver's old stuff, and I've been trying to write my own stuff :P

I'm bored, so here's a kinda continuation of this prologue :) -

The ghost towns still existed – fossils of the past, proof of human life among the ruins. Cars in top shape under a layer of dust and dirt, stores with inviting signs still lit. In the suburbs, houses still stood, the shadows of footprints barely visible in the gloom. Most pitiful of all, though, were the nurseries. Wind-up toys waited patiently for the return of their charges, beds still prepared for the afternoon naps. In the far corner, a lone rattle sat forlorn.

Writing's terrible but ... whatev >.<