27 March 2010

Dawn Eternia Background part 4

Title: Father
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Character background story
Word Count: 803

Two years after Dawn came to stay with Sarah Fellon, the latter received a message from her family overseas, calling her home for an emergency. Originally, she planned for Dawn to travel with her, but by chance, another person stepped into the scene.

A respected elementalist, scientist, doctor, and veteran arrived in their city; since the war had ended and he received his degrees, he had been traveling about, researching and speaking; he was called Nicholas Wilhelm AuNevin.

When he returned four years ago, his excitement to return to the city lay mostly in the reason that his wife had settled there to have their baby. To his horror though, the woman had attempted to drown the child, and then left it on it’s first birthday at a nearby beach.

“You never gave her any of the letters I wrote or the presents I sent.”

“HA! I sold the gifts, and burned the letters. Pointless of you to waste ink on her.” She sighed dramatically. “I just loathe you mage types,” she declared.

“Then why did you marry me?”

“You were the popular kid. I had nowhere and no one. So obviously I would go out with you when you asked. I just needed the money, really.”

He nodded and pursed his lips. “You can draw up the divorce papers then. I’ll give you a good amount to help you start anew. You can keep the house and all your belongings. One question: Where is the child?”

“It’s a wrench,” she laughed, her long, curly, red hair falling about her. “A mage. A witch!”

“Where’s my daughter?”

“The orphanage? There was a report the day after I left her about her being sent to the orphanage. I guess she’s still there. Who cares?”

Nicholas picked up his luggage and nodded. “Goodbye, Deanna. I will send you a copy of the documents when the deal is done.”

After a fruitless search, he left the city. A month from the date Sarah Fellon planned to leave, he returned, this time because his friend, a local geneticist and honorary police official, had called him with important news. Nicholas had immediately packed his belongings and arranged to conduct his research there and lecture part-time at a university.

“Judith, it’s been too long. How have you been?”

“Pretty fine, I suppose,” Judith Morgan stood up and walked around her desk to greet Nicholas. Clipping her short, dark, blue hair—the same color as Nicholas’s—back in place, she said dutifully, “I’m out in an hour. Think you can wait that long?”

“Of course,” he took a seat on a chair next to the table.

Exactly an hour later, Judith shut her computer, shelved all the books and notes and left her office. The two of them trekked down the stairs—a strange experience because Deanna had always insisted on using the elevator—and to the underground parking structure. He stored his luggage in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. “You had info?”

“It’s at my flat. I’ll brief you on it while we eat though. I’m sure you’re hungry after that flight and fight.”

“The old café?”

Judith grinned mischievously as she sped through the near-empty roads.

In their old spot in the old café, Judith explained that years back a girl around a year old had been abandoned by her mother there. The case had been closed rather unexpectedly by the police, but about a year or two ago, Judith had dug it back up for some leisure contemplation. There was minimal information available, so she had undergo efforts to uncover all that was possible.

Back at her simple of reasonably furnished flat, Jutdith presented Nicholas with a small file. “My point: I think I’ve found your daughter.”

The orphanage revealed quickly enough that the girl in question had run off one day. But their searches in the city proved more fruitful—a few regulars on Dawn’s favored corner remembered the violet-haired girl that used to do commissions for a living. A small bakery remembered having her paint outside their shop on hot days. A large company remembered buying pre-painted pieces with painting supplies and food. The same company remembered having her move her funny business inside their lobby on days of bad weather. But none of them knew where she was now.

The breakthrough came when Nicholas visited the “Civic Duty Center,” a building similar to town hall that organized all the charities and citizen-volunteer sponsored public works and programs. A managing official described that a girl with purple hair—her features had radically changed since her last photo when she was 10—came every weekend to volunteer, with the lady she was living with. Nicholas was able to contact Sarah, and from there, convinced her to let him talk to Dawn.

Artist's Note: >.< Sorry, I lied. There will be 5 parts >.< I actually wasn't going to write this part, especially since it's not really about Dawn. But it does have something to do with her ^.^ So the "surprise" will also be next week, or whenever I post the fifth part.

@Minsat-- The two little pieces of metal will be more clearly identified in part 5, if you want to guess then ^_^ Sorry for the unclarity =.= Thank you for commenting! :D <3

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