18 April 2011

Lewis’s belated end-of-year (2010) note

Consider this an extended Author’s Note- although we’re not always calling it that here. 

When we started I think we hadn’t a lot of opportunities to share our writing with each other besides, and a writing blog sounded like a novel idea at the time. Looking back I still think it was.  

Frankly, I never thought I’d be capable of turning out the stories I did for Drawn in Words. When I started out with it, and while I was writing for it, there was mostly the thought of writing to meet the quota and trying to emanate the dream writer in my head who just put words on paper that fell perfectly into place. I’m so glad that we decided to make this blog, and proud of what we have on it. 

Have I improved? Or do I think I’ve improved? Well… the only big project I’d had- Dog Eat World for NaNoWriMo- was never finished. If I wanted to fish around for reasons this ended positively, I could say that I ended up with more writing than I’d ever done in a year.  But I think the thousands of words that were written for this story never held the kind of appeal to me that I’d imagined this story should have. So I think I’ll be coming back to it someday. Maybe not in the near future, but hopefully when I feel ready to write these characters better. They’ve really grown on me, and I still want to share them with the world.

This year I want to cover some new ground. I’ve made a few small forays into fanfiction, most of which are just barely over the 500 word limit. I’ll try writing romance. I’ve read so much of it (to top it off, so many titles of shojo manga with such bad plots and cliché setups you couldn’t imagine) that I think I should be able to pull something off. Maybe something else. Right now the projects that are just laying around to be done are 100 themes, Jacks (which is probably going to be entirely revamped), DEW, and this one where I’m trying to base all of the characters off tarot cards. That last thing is supposed to be similar to the way they design their characters in the Persona series, which I really love.  

(but I digress.) 

Thank you, Silver, for starting this blog with me and supporting me all throughout the year. Let’s keep writing. 

Word Count: 412

Post-script: also, thank you to any others who might be reading this. You’re a big part of the reason we’re still here. Keep checking up on us! ;) 
~Lewis Spiel

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