27 October 2010

Good Coffee

Title: Good Coffee
Author: Lewis
Writing: Short story
Word Count: 512

The first thing about good coffee is that it has to be good. Okay, so she doesn't have much experience with it. The only coffee she's had is the powdered stuff they sell at the local grocery store for a 50% discount, and even that, according to the Java Jive club, is crap. What about that stuff they sell at the fast food place? Tsk, tsk. It isn't her fault that she's naive and deprived.
Who is she kidding? It's a total bother! She can't believe that they're doing this, intruding into her private coffee business. It's not as if she'll ask her crush out to instant coffee. When the time calls, it'll be green tea bags. No mistake about it.

It, well. It might have been said that he only likes coffee. He's always seen in the morning with a cup or two of coffee clutched in his hands, looking somewhat worse for wear. And, maybe, he might have been seen ranting about the wonders of the coffee bean and the history of coffee. He's also probably said to hate green tea.

So she's asked the Java club for help. They're not all too famous, but she's heard that they're coffee experts. If she can just get them to slip and tell her the secret to making good coffee, her plans will be set.

"Go forth, child," says Java club president Latte, shoving a coffee filter into her hand. "and buy the items on this shopping list."

"Come again?" She's not believing this. "I thought-"

"What? You asked us how to make coffee."

Mumbling, she stares at her toes. "I just thought that you maybe would just tell me how to make it?"

"Miss, the coffee-making is an art. We can't allow amateurs to deface coffee with their poor skills. So of course, we have to guide you through all the steps."

"Oh. Well. That's kind of you."

"You're welcome. Now, for the ingredients."

She's totally planning to avoid them at all costs after this. Who knows what kind of horrors she'll be subjected to if she sticks with them? Besides, all she wants is to get a good cup of coffee for him.

The next day, after running a maddening raid on the local grocery stores, she shows up in the club room with the supplies in hand. There's not one, but two people there, and for a moment she gapes at the uninvited guest with a reddening face.

The club-president-whose-coffee-related-name-she-doesn't-care-to-remember adjusts his glasses peevishly at her reaction and crosses his arms. "I thought I'd ask another one of the club members to instruct you today. He's one of our most dedicated, and will be perfect for the job. You two are in the same year, so you might know each other."

"We do." she says shortly. "Kind of. Um."

"Isn't that wonderful? Now, I'll leave you two to your devices." Sir-club-president claps him in the back. "Good luck."

The classroom door slides shut behind him. Oh, bother. Oh god. Why did he have to leave? Of all the people in the world he had to ask, did it have to be that one?

I know nothing about the making of coffee, which is why I didn't elaborate much. Java Jive is this ... (I don't know the genre) small group song where they sing "I like coffee, I like tea. I love the java jive and it loves me! Coffee and-" ...yea. I have weird song choices sometimes.
I've been thinking about coffee a lot LOL Mostly because I don't know much about coffee, but I see it as ...a really nice comfort drink like hot chocolate. I don't get to drink it a lot- if I could, I probably would.

This was written in 25 minutes on Write or Die.


SilverInk said...

LOL that was funny!

I'm naming them! The main character is called Tea Green (pronounced TEH-ah), the club president is Mr. Ka Fei, and Tea's crush is....Latte Cho

I'm so creative aren't I?

DUDE I should do Write or Die again! o.O

Minsat said...

I love it! :D

Riz said...

oh lol, that's so ironic...

"Tea Green" wants to get him coffee, but in the end, "Latte Cho" helps Tea make coffee without him knowing that she does like him.

dude, I would be so embarrassed if that ever happens to me. I would bee seething at "Ka Fei"