24 October 2010


Title: Latte
Author: Lewis
Writing: Speed experiment
Words: 306

Gretchen stared into her cup. She still wasn't quite sure what he and that girl were doing in the next booth over, but knowing his personality, he'd probably be trying to chat up his new date for the night. Her teeth gritted as she thought of him staring soulfully into the other girl's eyes, him taking her hand and speaking with a voice soft as swan down, him pulling the other girl close and telling her I love you. Just like he'd done for Gretchen. In a moment of resolution she set the coffee mug down onto the table and peered out into the hall. Seeing it clear and empty, she sidled to the closed door of the next booth and pressed her ear to the fogged glass.
"You're wrong," she heard the girl say fearfully. "He'd never do anything like that."
"I know him. He will, and nothing you do will change his mind."
"He's better than that"
"Just forget about him. I'm here for you, aren't I?"
At that moment Gretchen grasped the doorknob with a shaking hand and swung it open. "What the hell are you doing in there?" and froze.
He had moved to sit next to the girl, with his arm around her shoulder and with his head bent toward her. The girl's face was tear-stricken, and it was likely that Gretchen had interrupted a very important conversation. His face darkened into a scowl. "What are you doing here? Get out."
Embarrassed, the other girl abruptly pulled away from him and struggled to get out of her seat. "It's quite all right. I'll just... see you around." Bowing jerkily at Gretchen, the girl timidly sidestepped around her to make for the door and leave.
"What did you do that for? I nearly had her."
"And let another member of the female race suffer with you? Not a chance."

written in 10 minutes without planning.
Yay for obscurity!
and, I didn't really mean to write a backstory for Gretchen. It doesn't match what I had in mind for her, and... yea. so if it bothers you, substitute any random name in there.


SilverInk said...

Yay for Gretchen!
...The manipulative one would be... :/ no clue. Iono. I didn't imagine Gretchen like that, but ok!

Nicely written though, especially for 10 minutes!

Lewis said...

I probably won't be using this, anyway, because like I said earlier- this isn't how I thought I would have her be. Plus the fact that this was pretty much not thought out or planned...
Thanks :)