21 November 2010

Dreamweaver: Assignments

Title: Assignments
Author: Silver Ink
Writing: NaNoWriMo Excerpt
Word Count: 1011

With the portals not functioning, Seth wasn't surprised when he selected a portal on the edge of the Dark lands and ended up in the Dark Palace, before the main portal there. The guards--obviously already warned--made sure he was who he claimed he was before allowing him to pass. Immediately he made his way to the throne room, and saw Damien, Seriah and Vinn talking outside. Gina was again nowhere to be seen. 
"Seth, you made it," Damien joked. 
"Yea, I was doing your homework," he retorted at his teacher before turning to Vinn seriously. "Nothing?"
The usually affable general was sullen and shook his head dejectedly. "The fever is still raging and she won't wake up, according to my mom."
"What about the confidant?" Seriah asked, greeting Seth with a simple nod. 
"Our cousin Fyra. She can only observe when my mom's not freaking out, and her parents are getting suspicious, with her taking so many things from the kitchen, and still requesting more. Whenever our mom's not there, I soak her gloves in cold water and Fyra keeps an ice pack tucked around them as much as possible. It's been hard, convincing our mom that we can't take her gloves off. She's convinced they're what's causing the fever."
"I don't get that. Why can't we take off our dreamgloves once we're here? " Seth asked after a moment. He saw the other's incredulous expressions and clarified, "I mean, I know they get us here and keep us here and give us all the added abilities, but at worst we'd just float out and be dreaming as usual right?"
Seriah answered immediately: "They are what make you tangible in this platform. If you arrived and then someone took off your dreamgloves, then your soul--and thus you--would still be here, but you would be unable to actually touch or feel anything. If you are unable to touch anything, you would also be unable to exit through the portals and return to your body on the mortal platform. The only way to return would be to use one of the rifts located in each region here. But as we all know, only the ones in Cloud Haven and Ashsong are still in working condition."
"Huh?" Vinn looked up at the last statement. "What happened to the others?"
"Melantonie's is under repair after Trixicus ripped it apart in his attempt to reach the mortal platform," Damien said. "Last time I was there the Royal Council of Melantonie was debating the risks of closing the rift while the portals are so unpredictable. Closing the rift would mean sealing themselves up from all help, but with the siege on the region so heavy, they are considering evacuating and closing the rift so Trixie can't use it. 
"Candlelight's was closed in Alenzave to be moved and hasn't been reopened since the war started. 
"Visokia's was divided into the grand portals in the Light and Dark Palaces. Of course, the one in the light palace is inoperable, thanks to yours truly."
"And Somni Isles...well, we don't know the condition of that," Vinn said miserably, understanding. As an afterthought he added, "Infected, probably,"
"Ashsong and Cloud Haven," Seth repeated. "Speaking of Ashsong, where's Tangela?"
"Exactly what I was going to address," Kerra said, standing in the doorway. "There you all are. Come in, come in. I'm sorry you had to wait so long."
They all bowed and entered the now-vacated throne room. 
"If you don't mind, I will be direct--Tangela has been captured."
"And Lycian?" Damien blurted, shocked. Tangela had again been assigned to guard Lycian as the squad led by the prince of Light joined the battle on Somni Isles.
 "Trixicus himself was in battle, according to the messenger who carried the message. Lycian was taken first, overwhelmed by Trixicus and his army, and Tangela was captured when she tried to rescue him."
"If only she had waited for backup," Seriah mused softly.
"No, I would have done the same," Damien asserted. "By the next night, Lycian could have been moved elsewhere. Lady Dusk, are we to attempt another rescue then?"
"Yes. Vinn though--the messenger said that he did not see Gina in the battle, and no one on Somni has seen her for nearly three days."
Vinn paled. "Exactly how long she's been sick," he muttered breathlessly.
"Instead, I received word from Melantonie that someone somewhat like her was there briefly."
"Milady, I request permission to follow this lead."
"Granted. Aaron and Kailen have volunteered to accompany you."
"Thank you milady. We will not fail to find Gina before the week is out."
"I trust you will, Vinn. I have heard that you three boys preformed spectacles together during my father's reign."
"Thank you, milady," Vinn said. He strode out to begin this new task immidiately. 
"Sethen, I have another job for you as well." Kerra said. "Go to the Councils of Cloud Haven, Candlelight, and Ashsong and collect the packages they have prepared for us. This is of great importance.”
Kerra nodded. "Seriah, I understand you cannot attempt the rescue alone."
"Alone, my lady?"
"Sethen informed me that Damien has matters in the mortal realm to deal with," she said. "I cannot trust anyone else to this mission and will thus accompany you myself." Before anyone could protest, she screeched "Mother!" Gillian appeared at the side door. 
"I understand my responsibilities," Gillian said, lifting her chin a little in pride or disapproval.
"Good. I leave my scepter with you then, and trust you will not use it,” Kerra said. She set the scepter back in it’s usual pedestal, and prepared to descend but again gripped the scepter. There was a gust of air around her and the short train and many folds of her skirt blew up for a moment. A sweep of dark energy whirled around her and when she stepped out of the fading gloom, she was newly dressed, in black armor with light blue and dark magenta accents. 
“Lady, do you—”
“It has been decided.”
Artist's Note: UPdate this week! :D :/
Yea, out of context again. And a lot of it's just word-fillers because I'm in a race to reach 50K first, and even though I have about 10K more than her, I know the fragile nature of my situation. And I'm still almost 10K behind the expected word count anyways. T_T 
I'm starting to detest how similar my characters are -.- So when and if I get back to roleplaying, I'm going to focus on a few of them instead and try to develop them...more. Any suggestions who to add to this handful? I was thinking anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 characters max. :D 
Thanks for reading! 
P.S. I created a new blog! "Herbert Wiles" has only one post right now, and I'm the only writer, but I'm looking for writers and readers! :D Tell me what you think!

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