28 November 2010

Dreamweaver: Comparisons

Title: Comparisons (Chapter Excerpt)
Author: SilverInk
Writing: NaNoWriMo Excerpt
Word Count: 536

Seth was early. He didn’t see the masked girl anywhere and thus found a seat in the courtyard, sitting there and thinking about Rhiannon. Or more precisely, what Rhiannon had said. “I’m like Storm, I think. I try to be good, but no one likes me still.”
“Well, Storm had Sonora right? And August?”
“Her best friend is a crazy lunatic out to destroy the world and her crush is a nerd. I don’t like how that goes.”
“You said Sonora was your favorite character though.”
“You remember that?” Rhiannon had stopped walking, surprised, and at his nod, she had seemed touched or at least pleased by this. She continued walking. “Sonora is my favorite character. But she’s still a crazy lunatic bent on destroying her half of the planet.”
“At least the crazy lunatic’s friend liked her though, right?”
“That’s beside the point.”
“The nerd liked her too.”
“Well, she doesn’t know that.”
“Until the end.”
There was a pause after this line until Rhiannon finally said, “You’ve really brushed up on your knowledge of the game this past month.” 
He shrugged. “A few of my new friends take the myth really seriously.”
“You mean Renna.”
“And Krahn. He knows so much about all the myths and anything history-related. It’s amazing. I swear, he has all of Geene’s lectures memorized or something.”
“Krahn likes history.” She shrugged. “Mrs. Julwood is a storyteller. Figures her grandson would like stories as well.”
“I guess.”
“But the point is Storm ends up to be the good guy. She’s the Saviour,” Rhiannon said, shaking her head as she guided the conversation back to the beginning.
“I-I’m not. I’m not all nice. I try to be, but well, I’m not really that nice.”
“So you’re saying you’re more like Sonora,” Seth said, trying to figure her out.
“In that case…” she trailed off, unlocking the door to her house. She stopped, holding the door open for a moment. “I wish you were Wyntir,” she said quietly. She then vanished into the house very quickly, with a hurried “See you later” and wave. He had proceeded homewards, rather confused. And only when he saw Perika at home, showing off her new skates did he suddenly say, “Adda takes the myths seriously too.”
“Yes, she does,” Perika had said, before continuing her hyper dance. 
“But none of the guys do.”
“No they don’t,” Perika confirmed. “Why are you thinking of this now?”
“It just struck me that my two groups of friends are nothing alike.”
“You just noticed?”
“Yea. What does that make me then?”
“Between black and white? Shut up, I know black and white are shades of gray. But you know what I mean.”
They were quiet and after a while Perika walked upstairs. He started up the stairs as well before she rushed down again and said sternly, “I like Adda more than any of those boys in that other group though.”
Someone poked his shoulder and he looked up, thinking it would be the masked girl. Instead, he found himself looking at Renna, again dressed in her red and white prophet-class robes, carrying the staff with the transparent orb in it. 

Artist's note: No finality, most of it was a flashback -.- Sorry about the crappy update? But it's still an update? ^^ I'm about 6K words from finishing NaNo though, so >:D

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!

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