13 November 2010

Dreamweaver: Costume Debate

Title: Costume Debate
Author: SilverInk
Writing: NaNoWriMo Excerpt
Word Count: 630

Seth groaned at the sound of his living alarm clock: his sister. “Perika Illyzian SHUT UP!” he hollered at her. “It’s not even a weekday for dream’s sake.”
“Yes, but it’s Hallows!” Rika said delighted. “Look, I made us costumes! I didn’t know what you wanted to be, but I’m a witch!” She showed him the rather tattered looking costume and then dropped it again. “It’s all crumpled for some reason. I’ll fix it before we go though. “Anyways, you have to try on your costume! I was going to make you a pumpkin head, but the pumpkin head’s smashed. It’s ok. What do you want to be? A chicken? A vampire? A—”
“Asleep,” he snapped and pulled the blanket over his head. 
The pillow was suddenly swept out from under him and his head hit a small info-packet. Rubbing his head as he sat up, Seth glared at Rika, who dropped the pillow back on the bed and peered curiously at the digital paper that had been under his pillow. 
“University of Hyelte, Verbena?” She read. “UHV? Wow, I though you’d want to go to August or something!”
“August University’s overrated. I’m considering UHS though.”
“Why do you want so stay so close to the Verbena bubble though? Hyelte’s a large region, you could go away! You’re always talking about going away anyways.”
“I like the bubble. And it’d save money.”
Rika peered at the page again, and then said perkily, “Sentuzina has a great dipole-study program. They actually host the yearly expedition to Storm!”
“I know,” he said, getting off the bed and wandering into the bathroom for a shower, snatching the pile of clothes he’d laid aside last night. “But Sentuzina’s not that good.”
“You mean it’s not that well known.”
“Same difference.”
“It isn’t!” she pouted and stuck the paper under his pillow again. “Anyways, sticking an info-packet under your pillow isn’t getting you anywhere.”
“I’m almost done with my essay,” he called.
“What about it? You want to be a vampire? Werewolf? You can’t be a pumpkin. Witch—I mean wizard? What about a pixie?”
“I am not being a pixie again. That was an embarrassment. I’d have dressed up as anything else. I was going to ditch school that day and stay in my room. I am NOT being a pixie again. Especially not a pink one.”
Rika laughed and continued ranting. “A skeleton? A princess? A weird beast? Something random? A celebrity? Do you think someone would go as Headmistress deCallas? That’d be so scary! But she’s nice. What about you dress up as one of your teachers? Like Mr. Corren! I think I have temporary blue coloring somewhere!” She quieted, thinking. “I wonder if anyone will do that. Or if anyone would dress up as Mrs. Corren. She has pretty hair, I think. It’s all light blue and neat. And she always ties it up in a cute way. I’d like to ask how she does it. They’re so young. I wonder if they have any kids.”
Seth wandered out, already dressed, rubbing his hair dry with a towel. “I doubt it. Mrs. Corren’s always hanging around the campus. If they had a kid she’d be at home, taking care of it, don’t you think? ”
“Doesn’t Mrs. Corren work at school though? She has one of those Holly Academy employee badge stickers on her ID drive.”
“That’s because she’s always on campus. I think.”
“Maybe she teaches an art class? Oh! Or singing! She sings so well! Did you hear her last week?”
“When she was singing that duet with deCallas?”
“The skating coach?”
“Yea yea.”
“That’d be Coach deCallas. Or Mrs.”
“We call them by their surname. It’s good enough.”
     “It’s not respectful. Anyways, I’ve decided.” 

Artist's Note: SORRY! No post, and then this post is completely out of context. But anyways, it's a part of my NaNoWriMo project, Dreamweaver (I decided against using the EtHR idea two days before NaNo started >.<). I'm at around 15K words, almost 6K words behind schedule. XP

Hopefully everything is understandable?

In case not... (>.<) this is a rough approximation of places:
August University= Stanford/ Harvard/ MIT/ Yale/ etc prestigious university
Holly Academy= Irvine High School
Hyelte= California
UHV= University of Hyelte, Verbena= University of California, Irvine
UHS= University of Hyelte, Sentuzina= University of California, Tustin
Verbena= Irvine

And this probably isn't necessary, but just for kicks (Only IHS people will get this):
Headmistress Xena deCallas= Principal Monica Colunga (except I don't think she has a daughter...)
Mr. Damien Corren= Jacobs (except he coaches softball, I think, not flying, lol)

Sorry for lack of update! I will try to be good >.

P.S. Yes, I actually do keep a booklet from UCI under my pillow. XP But it's only because I'm going there. I WILL!

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