25 September 2010

Halls of Valhalla Battle Excerpt

Title: --
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Excerpt from Roleplay
Word Count: 316

Standing in a small "clearing" of twigs and fallen debris, Alina Zephyr gazed at the forest before her and felt a light wind tease her braids. She turned to her right and then left, oddly devoid of emotions. There was simply nothing here. An abandoned twig or branch, and a bare, thin tree or two. There was nothing. 

More importantly, there's no where to hide. She thought, stepping quietly over a log and listening to the wind again. It's quiet. I could like it here.

She continued along an improvised path, boots crunching faintly on twigs and other debris, wary for other people but still emotionless. At least, she reasoned, if she had no emotion, there would be no spark for her magic to run off with. She would need every drop of energy she could salvage if she wanted to live this battle. Every grain of it would have to go towards plain sword-fighting, which she predicted would be her main defense in combat. 

No. Aside from invisibility--and the mist there was perhaps heavy enough that it wouldn't make a difference for either of them-- and a little bit of telekinesis--which she wasn't so sure would be effective unless her opponent was a slow moving giant with not enough brain matter to move when it saw a log flying at it--her powers would do very little. 

Alina pressed a hand against the cool bark of a tree. What was this place? The scenery had not changed and she doubted it never would: it was the same old sticks in the ground, the same old twigs on the dirt, the same old mist that slunk phlegmatically around, blown by the same old wind that sent shivers though her long-sleeved uniform. 

And time seemed to shrink into oblivion, leaving the dead forest in it's own realm of nothingness. 

Artist's note: No, this is not supposed to be this week's post. :P  This was just my most recent post from the Gaia Guild Halls of Valhalla. It's also the first post in my first roleplay battle o.O Link to Battle. As of the time of this posting though, the above is the only post. All I added was the surname in the first line for this DiW entry XP

It's basically a drawn-out version of the 18-word caption of the scene of the battle: "In this place, time stands still and the scenery never changes. The only occurance here is the wind."

And...I"m working on something that's probably going to be very very very long that might be posted this week or next week, depending on how soon I get it done. This post should bee looked upon as a biscuit-appetizer, even though the song-fiction and this post have nothing in common ;) That's right, songfiction. If you'd like, please check out "My Immortal" by Evanescence!

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