11 September 2010

Colors of Love: Bright Violet

Title: Colors of Love: Bright Violet
Author: SilverInk
Writing: Anthology submission
Word Count: 608
Context: A friend of mine was compiling an anthology of entries about different types of love, written by friends. Each chapter would contain a comparison to something else, and a "color". 

Color: Bright Violet

She smiled, turned, and left, pulling her coat around her. It had been a fine night, she supposed. Pearl’s wedding. Yes, fine enough.  

Saria strolled briskly down the sidewalk that cool night, reviewing the events of her best friend’s wedding; that is, her best friend and her other friend’s wedding. She recounted the time dedicated to preparing the wedding, the party after, and then driving the newlyweds to the airport for their honeymoon. She’d just returned the limo and gotten a ride home from her other friend, who lived down the street from her. 

The warm cozy aura poured from her brother’s kitchen as she strolled into his three-story house, tucking her key away and shutting the door behind her. Sliding her shoes in their appropriate spot, she called merrily, “Lynden! I’m home!”

Her brother’s wife popped up from the staircase in her nightgown and welcomed her: “Hiya, Saria! Pearl and Sam are on their plane then?”

“Hello Krystaline. Yes. I just saw them off. Did I wake you up?”

“No, I just finished reading to the twins. They were so whiny, ‘But Mommy, Autie Saria always reads an extra chapter if one ends in a cliffhanger. You can’t stop now, what if Harry Potter dies?’ So I read another chapter.”

Saria chuckled. “How far are they?”

“I think there’s a chapter left,” Krystaline replied as they reached the second floor. “You’re going to sleep?”

“I think I’ll take a shower, check my e-mail and go to sleep. It’s been a long day.”

“Hear hear,” Krystaline echoed. “Good night, Saria.”

“Night,” the other responded as she trekked up the last flight of stairs. 

“Lynden, you get out of here you! I don’t care if you haven’t gone to the pool in a week, you can’t swim in the shower anyways! Lynden!” Krystaline was shouting below her. 

Saria smiled affectionately and closed the door to her spacious third-floor loft. Within her loft was her own bedroom, bathroom, and office; for privacy, her loft was also completely soundproofed. Now, she tossed her clothes in the laundry basket and headed to the shower. 
Morning came. 

Saria awoke, yawning even as she shut the alarm clock and pulled the light-colored curtains aside and peered at the sky through the window. Clear, with a few clouds. Splendid. She shut the curtains again.

She waltzed into the bathroom and out again, brushing her teeth and hunting for clothes in her small walk-in closet. Usually she would have her clothes already picked and laid out, but it had been a weekend and she hadn’t bothered. 

After the mundane schedule, she grabbed her sketchbook and purse and sauntered down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen, where Krystaline was preparing breakfast and ordering the little ones around. 

“Don’t forget your jacket, young lady. And you! If I catch you not doing your homework again, young man, there will be no video games for a week! Oy! Are you listening to me? Drink your milk!”

“Morning, Krystaline,” Saria greeted. “Morning kids.”

“Hello,” the kids’ mother replied, returning to spreading the jelly on the toast. “Kids, are you ready to go? Didn’t I tell you to drink your milk? Get your jacket on!” she hollered as the twins made their escape in their aunt’s big blue truck. 

Later, Saria returned home to find her breakfast on the table, and the house empty. Lynden and Krystaline had gone to work, and the kids were in school. Time to get to eat and get to her own work. 

She opened her sketchbook to a blank page and started sketching her family.

Artist's Note: Continuing from the "Context", it took me so long to write this (I only finished today and rather unsuccessfully at it, I think XP) that the project has long since been abandoned with little hope of renewal. Therefore, I thought it safe to post this here. 

In case anyone was wondering, I didn't really have a comparison. So this would have made a fail entry >.<

And Saria in this story is not the same as Saria from the "Soap Opera".

Um...hope you like! :D Please comment! 

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