27 September 2010

"Lang Passages" by TATAbox

Title: Lang Passages
Author: the TATAbox 
Writing: homework
Word Count: 298
Warning: Beware of awesomeness.

The adult lives on the surface of the world; he lives in depressed, uninspiring steel-and-
concrete nature; he reacts without emotion, and he secures himself solely around his
surroundings. The child does not see the world as it is; he sees it only as an extension
and reflection of his mind, the unlimited universe his domain. Both are ignorant. The
ignorance of the child who lives in his dreams is such that he does not know the reality
and powerful inspirations of life. The ignorance of the adult deprives him of the power
to open his mind to the “impossible.” While he is not lacking in knowledge and thinking
ability, his inner eye is shut to the beauty of the ordinary as well as the rare because of
relinquished imagination that might give him a myriad of possibilities in his rigid world of
profits and because of his dying childhood heart that should have freed him from all his
self-placed limitations. Adulthood, though normally seen as childhood’s improvement, is
instead the continuance of childhood on different degrees.

Books, the portals to new worlds and dreams, have revolutionized the world in
unacknowledged ways. For the luckily educated, books build bridges back to the age
of wizards, fairies, and other far reaches of the Old World that draws innocents in and
frees them imbibed with mental seeds of romanticism and imagination shooting tall. For
the luckily educated, books reach out to the deep, dark unknown, bringing forth thrilling
terror, macabre murders, even majestic horrors, which resurface ten-fold in sweat-
breaking nightmares. For the luckily educated, books thrust – peppered with sweet
remnants of happy moments – unthinkably cruel reality into their readers’ faces. For the
luckily educated, these records of ink and paper impart knowledge, pain, or excitement –
all starting with a single word.

Artist's Note: Hi... I am now a temporary writer for DiW. Dunno if I can meet the goal, but I'll write occasionally at least :D However, I am an avid DiW fan! So lemme know what you think of this :D

Silver's note: :D A first non Lewis or Silver post! <3!! 

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