17 September 2010

The Importance of Being Earnest End Scene Assignment

Title: The Importance of Being Earnest End Scene Assignment
Authors: Lewis,Silver Ink and esteemed guest author Oscar Wilde
Writing: Collaboration/ Homework Assignment
Word Count: 479

Prism: Some tea, Lady Bracknell?
Bracknell: Yes, please. (awkward silence) Miss Prism, it is plain that something is troubling you. Come now, out with it.
Prism: Yes, yes. Forgive my awkwardness. (pause) Do you remember the events just after Mrs. Moncrieff’s untimely death?
Bracknell: Of course! What of my sister’s death?
Prism: You will recall that Mrs. Moncrieff entrusted me with the task of delivering her baby to you then? (Bracknell nods and Prism continues, agitated) For some reason, I have been thinking about the poor baby. See, I had set him in my handbag for the journey. I was occupied for but a moment and then both babe and bag had vanished!
Bracknell: I see. That is most unfortunate. The poor lad-- where could he have gone?
Prism: I never found out....
Jack: This is extremely strange. I am wandering the streets with a handbag at my side, a pink handbag no less. (sigh) But it is my only clue to finding my mother. (pause, looks around) I suppose I might as well start somewhere, but how? ...oh look! What coincidence to meet a familiar face here. (Approaches Prism) Good morrow, Miss Prism! Would you happen to know whose handbag this is?
Prism: (look of shock) Why, my bag! I haven’t seen for years. (takes bag) Thank you, Mr. Worthing. How did you chance upon it?
Jack: Miss Prism, more is restored to you than the handbag. I was the baby placed in it.
Miss Prism: you?
Jack: yes (embracing her) Mother!
Miss Prism: (recoiling in indignant astonishment) Mr. Worthing, I am unmarried!
Jack: Unmarried! I do not deny that this is a serious blow. But, after all, who has the right to cast a stone against one who has suffered? Why should there be one law for men and another for women? Mother! I forgive you!
Miss Prism: Mr. Worthing, there is some error. (pointing to Bracknell) There is the lady who can tell you who you really are.
Jack: Lady Bracknell, I hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I am?
Lady Bracknell: I am afraid that the news I have to give you will not altogether please you. You are the son of my poor sister, Mrs. Moncrieff, and consequently Algernon’s elder brother.
Jack: Algy’s elder brother! Then I have a brother after all! I knew I had a brother!
Prism: What is your Christian name now that you have become someone else?
Jack: What name was I given? Let me know the worst.
Lady Bracknell: (after a pause) Being the eldest son, you were christened after your father.
Jack: Yes, but what was my father’s Christian name?
Lady Bracknell: I remember now that the General was called Ernest.
Prism: Ernest! I felt from the first time you could have no other name. Congratulations!
Jack: (dazed smile/ thank you)

Artist Note (Posted by Silver Ink): :D

So for our Drama class, Lewis and I were given a scene from a published play (in this case, Oscar Wilder's The Importance of Being Earnest and instructed to build up our improvisation to this final scene. We were allowed to--and did--edit the end scene a little bit. Edits: The last few lines, where three people speak at once were edited out; Gwendolyn is made Prism in the end scene because we only have three actresses.


Lewis had read the play before, but we were not supposed to copy the original, hence this "spinoff/ fanfiction/ fan-alternate-fiction-object" :D You like? Please tell us what you think!


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