04 June 2010


Title: Lie
Author: Lewis
Writing: Psychological/Self-contemplation (?)
Wort Count: 135

A lie. Everything was a lie, and even her own voice betrayed her.
Stupid voice. How could she be so foolish as to put so much trust in herself, mortal and foolish as her body was?
She listened to the recording with increasing fervor, clenching her teeth at its unfamiliar tones. This was not her voice. It wasn't as she heard it. She felt shame wash over her for feeling proud of it. How could she have been so stupid? What did her friends think of her now, showcasing a miserable voice as this? They'd probably known all along, she concluded bitterly. She'd blundered- like a fool- into believing that her friends liked her voice, and tricked herself into believing that it was worth something.
It wasn't, and she realized that today.

~5 minute writing.
I've tried my hand at recording myself singing by the computer microphone a lot, and it often isn't pretty, and definitely not what I think my voice actually sounds like through my own ears. I guess some of it must have to do with microphone quality, and the acoustics of the room I'm in, and maybe even by my hearing and the way my voice sounds in my head, but it's still an extremely boggling concept to me. Haha. boggling.
That what other people hear is different (and probably worse) than what I perceive it to be really scares me at times. It reminds me of those situations where a person is haunted by a specter visible only to himself-- he doubts his sanity because no one else can see it, and feels very alone. Definitely the kind of situation one would want to avoid.



Minerva said...

inside joke: You are so emo.... >_<

It's a bit of an interesting style for you, I must say, but it's nice, and works well with the mindset of the character--erm... you?

But anyways, I think you sound fine, and that you could expand it. :D Happy ending! Happy ending! :D

Lewis said...

No, the character isn't me XD But if I really let this kind of problem get to me so much, I'd probably quit singing...

I guess you MIGHT be able to hope for a happy ending ;)

Lyra said...

I noticed it's shorter than the 500 word mark, so I"m a bit confused, but in itself it is nice. Cute even, though I'd say the tone is generally depressing.

Don't stop singing! I'm sure it's fine the way it is and it's the microphone's fault =( I tried recording myself once on my computer microphone--I sounded like an old man and I'm a teenage girl--and never tried it again.

If you have a soundtrack-editing system, I'd recommend messing with different effects, especially with friends. My brother and I do that whenever one of us needs a laugh.