15 June 2010

Surprise (this is not going to be the official title) profile

Title: ---
Author: Lewis
Writing: Character profile
Word Count: 380

Name: (unregistered) "Ives"
Gender: male
Nationality: (unregistered)
Known languages: mixed
Age: 28
Crime(s): grand theft, involuntary manslaughter (?), wire fraud, computer crime
Med info: Height: 7'0"
Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Discerning characteristics: none
Tattoos: none
Notes: damaged vocal chords (?), mute
# years spent in prison thus far: 7
Room #:

Personal history:
Up until his arrest, this person's existence was entirely unknown to the world- in fact, the only thing that slightly hinted at it was the notorious group IVES that existed only on the net. It had a reputation for selling hacking services at a 100% success rate. Although not many knew the actual details, the work IVES finished was so substantial and so damaging to various agencies (public and private alike) that it was put at the top 10 of IG's blacklist within a month after its first job.
IVES' activities continued to run for years- the actual number was never determined- until this man was convicted for unintentional manslaughter. Having perfectly concealed himself from the world until that point, he was understandably shocked when a common burglar bumbled his way into the man's home without noticing he was there and attempted to steal the computer. In an attempt to protect his location and his identity, IVES bludgeoned the burglar with a loudspeaker. He dealt a fatal blow, but the burglar managed to crawl out the window from the second floor, still clutching the computer terminal. His indiscreet escape attracted the attention of many passerbys (? Microsoft Works Word Processor says this is not a word) frequenting the area.
Following the burglar's death, IVES was immediately arrested. When he refused to disclose his name and his other personal information, the police declared it would be impossible to determine whether the computer terminal was really his. At that point, he refused to answer any other questions. Further investigation of the terminal revealed a connection to IVES's activities.
One former client came forward and offered more evidence pointing him out as the sole member of IVES.

Because the suspect's personal information could not be found anywhere, police decided to dub him "Ives."

Strangely, a group under the same name and description resumed activity two years after Ives's arrest.
*warden's note: reexamine his room for electronics

Lewis: So this is one of several profiles I'm making as part of a draft for a story I'm going to write. The wording is kind of weird to me in some places, and I'm still not sure if it all makes sense or not (I still left a lot of holes, but it's not a 10-page bio just on this dude or anything) or whether this is going to be set in the real world or not
Advice and ideas are welcome!!


Minsat said...

Nice! XD I like this character (cuz he's a tech wiz)

One note: I think the word is passersby, though I could be wrong :P

Anywho... If he's been in the prison for 7 yrs, and he's currently 28... He was a kid/teen genius. Reminds me of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. Awesomeness XD I'd love some sort of diary entry from him :D I love good background stories ^ ^

Lewis said...

passersby, huh. Whoa, you're right! (m-w.com says so.)

The idea for some of these prisoners is that they could have been in juvie (juvenile prison) and then were turned over to this other prison once they turned to a certain age (if they hadn't been properly "corrected" by then).

haha, thanks for reading!

SilverInk said...

Tech whiz! >:)

About the real world thing: You could have it be in a future world? Like a dystopia? Dunno >.< The International government terming just got me thinking about The Handmaid's Tale and 1984 and all those lovely dystopias. =.=

How did he become mute? Or was he just born like that?

Loudspeaker, lol. Any particular reason for that?

Lewis said...

Not really. ^-^

No, he wasn't born that way.

Hahaha, I really don't intend it to go that way (like a dystopia).