11 June 2010

Posting on DiW

I realize the introduction to the blog was a bit vague about other writers besides Lewis or Silver (me) posting. Thus, a clarification: 

Lewis and Silver are the founders of the site, but other people can post as well. There are two ways of going about this: 

I. If you want to post an individual entry.
Say Bob has something he really would like to post online, but he doesn't want to do the whole "500+ words a week" thing Lewis and Silver are attempting. In that case, Bob would:
1. Write/type his entry. Must be 500+ words. There is no maximum word count, but please be reasonable. If necessary, divide it up into multiple posts. If the submitted entry is very long, you could divide it up into various posts (part 1, part 2, etc.) or request that Silver do it for you.
2. E-mail it to SilverInk at inked.silver@gmail.com, providing:
Author: (Alias*)
Writing (General Genre):
Word Count:
(Any warnings):
3. Silver and/or Lewis will read the entry over to for content appropriateness**; they will not, without informing the rightful writer beforehand, edit. 
4. If an edit is needed, Silver will send it back to Bob with comments. If not, she will send him a confirmation e-mail and post it on the site.

Title: Lollipops and Daisies
Author: PrettyPinkUnicorns
Writing: Rant
Word Count: 782
Warning: profanity

*For consistency, Bob would have to pick one alias. So he can't be "PrettyPinkUnicorns" for his first post, and "Mr.Chill" the next. Exception: he is willing to have the former alias posted as well:

Title: The Coolest Guy on Campus
Author: Mr. Chill (formerly PrettyPinkUnicorns)

**Common sense please. Fiction is preferred over nonfiction, and political criticism should be subtle. Acceptance is at the discretion of Silver and Lewis.

II. If you want to join the 500+ word per week challenge.
To do this, Bob can either start out by sending in individual entries (see above) every week just to get a feel for it and then after that apply for "editorship" (see below)

Or, he can submit a few samples of his work along with the following information about himself or online persona (not published...yet). Items with a ">>" in front are liable to be posted publicly.
Country of residence--

Other questions may be asked as well, but will not be posted publicly without consent.

III. Other Information

All posts must be literate and in English. The occasional lapse in grammar and spelling is fine, especially given most of these are first drafts, but readability is a must. Prose and poetry are both welcome.

It is recommended that a person seeking "editorship" start by posting individual entries, but not mandatory. 

Any questions can be asked via a comment, or an e-mail to inked.silver@gmail.com. Hope this all makes sense, and hope to see fresh faces soon! :)

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