14 June 2010


Author: Lewis
Writing: some sort of continuation to that prologue
Word Count: 448

Critics later speculated over the situation.
Was it possible that the entire mass of inmates that escaped the prison that night had only let themselves get caught in order to meet? They dismissed the notion almost immediately. Ridiculous. Many of the escapees had languished in the prison for more than just a few years- not a trifle at all when staying in the most heavily fortified prison in the world (where all had lifetime sentences), and definitely too much time for a mere greeting. After all, the world’s police agency had strived to the point of exhausting its resources just to put these criminals behind bars. It was probably just been a tiny coincidence that sparked the breakout, they concluded. The runaways would be recaptured in time. This is what the police told the public, and what they fervently wished to be true. There was just one problem. How long would these dangerous individuals be left running about?

The general public had been in an uproar since news of the mass breakout was released. The prison board attempted to quell the leak of information at first, fearing that people would break into hysterics and make irrational decisions, but it was too late. Within hours of the prison breakout, the world was in hysterics. Most didn’t know what to do about the situation at all-- these were criminals from the international prison, after all, and this meant that any possible attacks from them were not by any means limited to a particular location or country. Most of their distrust and hostility was directed towards the government, which had failed to properly detain the criminals. Of course, the (newly promoted) Chief Executive Burnham who had been somewhat indisposed at the time of the breakout was fired for being unable to react appropriately to the situation, and for killing an inmate.

In response to the people’s lost faith in the government, there arose multiple factions of people who claimed they could have better dealt with the breakout. It became not just a matter of dealing with the world’s unlawfuls, but also the protection of the people. The breakout had not only released a pestilence of criminals, but also a number of rumors harmful to the government’s reputation.

Hurried arrangements were made to organize special forces specifically for recapturing the escapees. New curfews were issued worldwide, and police tightened their patrol routes. Business slowed. Common crimes (ironically) died down. Families at home scanned the newspaper headlines, or the TV news, interrogated their neighbors, - anything, for a sign.

For the first few days following the breakout and the news leak that followed immediately after, the world watched with bated breath.

Lewis: Boo. Like this, I'm not sure if I can even hit 50k in a month. Even so, this is portion was just in summary form, so...
I've been having a lot of fun creating a bunch of profiles for various inmates in the story.
But coming up with a name for the prison is hard. I don't want it to be something too boring (even though the story probably won't focus on the prison itself)... and it can't be lame, either. Haha, know this- the first time I tried my hand at a name, I came up with "Hades International Prison." The acronym for it would be "HIP." D:
I guess I simply don't have Oda Eiichirou's (mangaka of One Piece) naming sense. Still don't understand how he got "Impel Down" and "Enies Lobby"...
Still having trouble deciding whether to put this in the "real world" or not.
Goodness, so many choices :)


SilverInk said...


You know I just realized, you could make some of it a little "anthology" of the inmate's stories. Like their life before, or something like that...

I like, I like! :D

Lewis said...

of course! That's a given (including a bit about their lives before the breakout), because almost all of them have spent an extensive time in the prison-- in an isolated environment, it's a good way to show who they are, how they act, ...

>.> ahem. anyway.
Yea :D